From Baby Boomer Blog Post to Tips Booklets by Paulette Ensign

Have you ever thought about using your blog post contents for a booklet, a book, and dozens of other formats that can promote your business? That content can actually be sold as new revenue streams for a subject matter expert, starting with a manuscript of 52 how-to tips from your knowledge!

Just think of all the information you know as a Baby Boomer. You’ve gone through many chapters in your life, some directly related to your professional life and a whole lot related to what you’ve learned with your family, friends, other people who have traveled part of the journey with you who had nothing to do with your professional path. and experiences you’ve had in your own personal growth.

You know things that others do not, much in the same way others know things you do not. One of the biggest beliefs that often stop people is thinking “Well, doesn’t everyone know that? After all, it’s common sense.”
Does that sound familiar to you? Here is a simple example to make the point.

Cleaning your home and your clothing may be second nature to you, and something you can do well. Rest assured that is not the case with everyone. They simply never learned. So when you tell a mature Baby Boomer that a stain on a piece of clothing or the inside of a container can be cleaned with white vinegar, they may look at you in amazement. They never knew what you have known from an early age, no matter how knowledgeable or brilliant they are in any of a number of other topics.

So whether you do a tips booklet, use your tips as an outline to creating that book you’ve been saying you’ll write, licensing the how-to tips for all kinds of uses, or any other ways your how-to tips can help you and others, start today by writing the first ten tips. And then the next 10, and get all the way up to 52 tips a few at a time.

You’ll be ready to have them edited and learn about how to use them for marketing and making money!
And yes, we can help.

All the best in your Tips Products journey, and be sure to thank Rosie (as I am!) for helping to let you know about this.

Paulette Ensign
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