How to See and Manage Your Email Subscriptions in Feedburner

There was a comment on the post I made yesterday. The question asked referred to the Feedburner emails that are obtained when someone subscribes to your blog via email. Now I am posting a short video that I feel is clear and explains how to view the actual emails that you get via the Feedburner program.

However, I want to make a couple of points before you view the movie.

  • The email subscribers you have via Feedburner have subscribed to your Blog not any thing non-related to your blog posts. For example, I would not advise that you send them announcements about your trip to Kansas when your blog is on music.  You get the idea. I just don’t anyone accused of spamming. But this is my opinion and would love to hear other’s thoughts on the matter. The author of the tutorial below suggests that you can bring the names into different programs. But just be careful that you have permission to use them beyond the subscription to your blog.
  • The emails can be exported from Feedburner into a CSV file and then opened in an Excel spreadsheet plus other programs.

Ok, now you can view the video and let me know what you think.