James Brown Blogging-Which Song Would Your’s Be?

Which song is like your blogging style

Which song is like your blogging style

If you had to pick a song done by James Brown which would reflect your blogging style?

I had a deep reflection on this (about 3 seconds) and determined that mine would be “Get on the Good Foot”.

I broke my leg once and that song motivated me to lean my dance with my cast on while holding onĀ  to a pole in the room. Is that pole dancing? Well, sometimes my blogging gets broken but I need to keep encouraged to work anyway. Now, that is the boomer way, right?

What about you?

7 Ways To Put The “B” Back In Your Blogging-Part 6

This entry is part [part not set] of 7 in the series 7 Ways to Put the B Back in Blogging

Be An Encourager

Remember how it felt when someone made a comment to your blog? Of course they may not have agreed with you but they still took the time to comment and it wasn’t spam.

Well you can be a blogger that encourages another blogger by taking the time to make a comment. How can you do that?

  • Read the blog post and give a relevant comment
  • Try not to sound like a spammer by saying thinks like “nice blog” or “go to http…to increase traffic to your blog…”
  • Be honest and affirming
  • If you disagree don’t cuss, fuss or make a mess of your own character
  • Ask a question or provide additional information that can stimulate a continuing discussion with other bloggers.

Do you have other suggestions?