My Baby Boomer Twitter Connections-@MarcMiddleton

Today I took a good look at Marc Middleton, Founder of the awesome site Growing Bolder. Now why do I appreciate this Twitter connection? Ok, I am so glad you asked. I have 3 reasons listed below.

1. I adore his background because he is dancing. I think all baby boomers should dance, especially between blogging if you can. If not move your shoulders, neck and whatever else can move ever hour at the computer.

2. He is following most of the folks who are following him.

3/ I was reminded to revisit his site. I joined in March, 2008 but it is so bare bones. So I must go in and add meat to those skinny bones. The meat will be adding my blogs to the 882 listed. Joining in the discussions. Viewing the videos and audios and perhaps adding to them.

So follow him because he has some good Tweets and also join his site, Growing Bolder!