Sell Your Blog? Just the Preparation Can Motivate You To Blog More

Have you ever thought about selling one of your blogs? Well if you have been thinking about selling your gold then you probably considered selling a blog. Both are very valuable.

So, I decided to share some information that I am learning in my own research.  That’s right I am thinking about selling one of my blogs in the future. Yet, the posts below are helpful.

Think about preparing your house for sale. It is not an overnight job.  This is also true about your blog sale.  We need to assess it, prepare it and learn about the sales process. But an interesting thing happens when you about to sell your house. You clean it up and fix it up! Sometimes when you are finished you decide to stay? Well, I suspect when I get ready to sell one of my blogs, it will get cleaned up and fine tuned.

I have also included a book that is sold on Amazon about flipping your blog for cash. The title sounds a bit crude but you get the point.

Now one important note.  If you are on a hosted blog platform like Blogger, Live Journal, Yahoo 360 or YOU CANNOT SELL YOUR SITE. You need to transfer it and self-host it. After all how can we sell that we do not own? Yet, I train folks on the hosted sites to get their feet wet in blogging. But I encourage them to plan to self host those sites in the future.

Here are a few articles to get you thinking. I would love to hear from anyone who has sold their blogs.

Lorelle shares powerful insights on the things can make a blog sell. Why not start working on these things now?

Matthew Henrickson gets into some important details about preparing your blog behind the scenes to sell to your future buyer

Remarkablogger shares some basic guidelines in a short video. Be sure to read the comments also.

Here is the only book I found, so far, on Amazon about selling blogs. I am sure there are others. I have not read this one yet so I cannot give you a review.