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  • Blog Food-Guest Blogger Series #1

    This is the final installment of the Top Ten Reasons to Manage Your Own Website and Blog Sites! Reason 1 – Saving Money on Your Monthly Online Budget By Toolie Now we’re down to the number 1 reason to manage your websites and blogs: money. It’s simply less expensive to learn how to handle most […]

  • Blog Food Guest Blogger Series-#2

    Reason 2 of Top Ten Reasons to Manage Your Own Websites and Blogs Reason 2 – Saving Time on Quick and Easy Updates to Your Sites By Toolie One of the challenges entrepreneurs face when trying to grow their business is the point at which they begin to acquire helpers. Some use virtual assistants, some […]

  • Blog Food-Guest Blogger Series # 6

    10 Top Ten Reasons to Manage Your Own Websites and Blogs Reason 6 – Jazz Up Your Website or Blog with Ideas from Other Sites By Toolie Have you ever seen a cool image, graphic, or feature on another site and wondered how it’s done? With a little knowledge and some curiosity, you can find […]

  • How To Create a Quick HTML Tag When You Don’t Know HTML

    Just click here to see the video I did about creating html code even when you don’t  know html. Click right here I promise you it will be short and sweet!

  • So You Want To Learn More About Website Code and Stuff for Mac or PC?

    Websites, blog sites, all sites need code! Now you do not have to be a webmaster to learn some key things related to creating a website. Or, did you know that if you wanted to customize a blog theme or check out that funny looking stuff behind the scene of your blog or website you […]