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  • Are You on WordPress.com and Want to Add a Registration/RSVP Contact Form?

    I just posted about a creative way a Non-Profit organization used their WordPress.com blog to get registrations for a webinar. It is so cool. Of course if you are on WordPress.org you can use a plug in like Event Registar or RSVP Maker. I know there are others and feel free to share them. Meanwhile […]

  • Examples of How Some Non-Profits Use Twitter

    I like the following post because it gives you some great examples of how Twitter is being used by many non-profits. As a baby boomer I thrive of experiance-based technology applications. Ok, what I mean is show me someone who is using it and then I believe you. So, in my continuing look into many […]

  • Twitter and Non-Profits-Are Baby Boomers Involved?

    Many baby boomers are involved in non-profits. Many baby boomers are also exploring Twitter. That means baby boomers are exploring the huge possibilites for social networking to help promote their “difference Making Messages.” I say yes. Read this excellent post on Twitter and Non-profits. Share your experiances with non-profits and Twitter.