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  • 10 Ways To Add More POWER To Your WordPress Blog-Intermediate to Advanced

    Do you want to go beyond basic blogging and add more power to your blogging? If yes, ruffle those boomer feathers and get ready to learn. Smash Magazine has written an excellent article called !0 WordPress Hacks. Now, because we have been hacked recently I am so uncomfortable with that word. So I changed the […]

  • How We Upgraded 9 WordPress Sites But Crashed One

    Baby Boomer hubby and I upgraded nine sites yesterday but crased one. How? We used two separate, but effective methods. One method was using two great plug-ins. WordPress Database Backup Plugin This is an excellent, uncomplicated,on-demand backup of your WordPress database. Navigate to Manage ? Backup to get started. By Austin Matzko. WordPress Automatic Upgrade […]