Do You Want to Start Tweeting Your Blog Posts in 2019? Do You Know How to Blog?

You may already be tweeting but how about tweeting your blog posts? Well before you can tweet your blog posts you have to know how to blog. Are you ready to learn how to blog?

If you know someone or if you want to start a blog learn from a master.
Problogger, Darren Rowse has an awesome course on starting a blog. Another reason to review this class is if you have not been blogging in a while. What a great way to get a refresher because some things may have changed and this can get your current.
So, happy blogging and once you get started you can be a guest blogger right here.
Also, do the work you must do in preparation but do not let perfectionism get in the way of getting your blog started.
Click this link to get more information on how to start a blog in 2019


Easy Instructions for Setting up AmazonS3 for Videos, Podcasts and Images

This is the best instruction I have read for setting up AmazonS3. I actually followed it step by step and it worked! Now, note that there were a few bumps so if you can get someone to work and do it when you are alert. OOPS, I am going too f ast. Oh, allow me to pause and explain what AmazonS3 can do for you.

Amazon S3 (Simple Storage Service) is a web-service, part of the Amazon family of products. that enables you to store and share large amounts of data online. This is a free to join, pay-as-you-go service with no minimum fees that makes it very attractive to small businesses and individuals who need to host their videos online.

All stored data, images, videos and podcats, can be made available via the web-browser, just like any web site on the Internet. The prices are cheap, I mean very cheap. You will see the prices when you sign up. You will not believe them. No sign up fee and you only pay for the usage.

 That means you can use it and spare your bandwidth. Now, I know someone is saying why not use Youtube or other free hosts?Well, AmazonS# is the solution when you want to have video uploaded that may by accessible folks on a membership site, etc. Ssometimes you may not want the ads that come with a free hosting site.

There are other uses but allow  me to have  an excellent blog post talk about what AmazonS3 can do and how to get it installed. Be sure to view the video and also to view the videos on Amazon. Also, there are already 56 comments to the post. If you want to include a comment do it right away. Comments will be cut off after 90 days.  But be  sure to read the comments because there is a LOT of information there.

Ok, get started now by reading the post on Problogger on AmazonS3.

Tell me what you think.

7 Ways To Put The B Back In Your Blogging Part 5

This entry is part [part not set] of 7 in the series 7 Ways to Put the B Back in Blogging

Blog Your Book!

You can not only create a book with your blogging but use your blog to promote your existing book. Now, that should get your juices flowing.

One of the reasons I am a big fan of creating and fine tuning your categories. Those blog categories can become the chapters for your book! So take a few minutes to review a short video I posted on rosiesblogclass.

I will probably write more about this but here is an excellent blog post by blogger and author, Edwin Crozier. He shares 6 Reasons to blog your book. Be sure to read the comments that were made to his post. They have some meaty insights.

Also, check out this blog post by Cathy Perkins on Alex  Mandossian’s blog about blogging your book.

The ever popular and profoundly essential blogging book By Darian Rowse, Problogger, is the result of blog posts.

So, hopefully, this will be enough to get you thinking. Of course if anyone would like to add more insights it would be most welcomed. Meanwhile, DO A BLOG POST NOW!

How To Be a Guest Blogger

You can be a guest blogger as well as have guest bloggers. This is a really good post from one of the super blogging experts, Problogger. He is via a guest blogger talking about guest blogging, showing you some great guidelines for having guest bloggers.

I was a guest blogger for an entire week on the Baby Boomer Knowledge Center. It was a great opportunity and got me loads of traffic.  It contained podcasts of interviews I did with several great baby boomers. Hence, I decided to keep it going and set up a blog with the name of the post called, Baby Boomers Bustin Loose. I am about to post another interview up there today.

Of course, my strategy is to have more guest bloggers on this site as well as our other sites like my hubby’s, Midlife Guitar, Points for PresentersRosies Boomer Review, and a few more later. Oh, almost forgot, if you are an early childhood educator I am looking for guest posts with activity guides for Crumbsnatcher.

 So if you are interested and have meaty content, (or vitamin filled veggies) email me at

So check out the excellent post right now!