Random Facebook Pages of Blog Challengers Will Be Reviewed

I am currently in a 30 Day blog challenge sponsored by Jeannette Cates. There are over 100 people participating. Now the cool thing about this is not only do you meet more people but you pump out blog content. This makes the search engines happy and may fulfill other goal s you personally have for blogging.

Those goals could  include:

  • product sales,
  • product development,
  • affiliate sales,
  • clicks on other ads on your blog
  • hopefully increased blog RSS subscriptions
  • Personal therapy
  • Twitter followers
  • Facebook Page “Likes”
  • Plus more

One of the things I am so very impressed with is the vast variety of all the blog posts. Many of them have Facebook Pages that I want to showcase. I won’t get to all of them. But I want to start showcase some of them randomly. So, if you want to visit I am going to do short reviews on one of my sites called Rosies Boomer Review.

I am looking forward to learning, getting empowered and motivated by some of the, sometimes unknown, Facebook pages. So often we are on Facebook giving updates on our dinners etc, but there are some REAL GEMS ON FACEBOOK PAGES.  Lets, start tapping into them and also PLEASE PARTICIPATE ON THEM AFTER YOU SAY YOU LIKE IT.

PS If you are a baby boomer and want to be challenged with great content, teleseminars, etcFacebook Page PLEASE visit visit Boomer Diva Nation’s Facebook Page moderated by the infamous and empowering Beverly Mahone.