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  • I Just Added PressPush Plugin to my Blog Which Adds PubSubHubBub -it’s no Push Over

    Thanks to an excellent post by a fellow blogger Jeanne Kolanda in the blog challenge and another blogger Kevin Thompson I just installed a new plugin called PressPush.  Read Jeanne’s excellent post right here. According to the brief description of the plugin before you install it on your blog it says: This plugin adds PubSubHubbub […]

  • A Swipe File for Blog Post Ideas?

    The term”swipe file”  is often used related  to copywriting and advertising. (At least that is my knowledge of it probably more uses I don’t know about) It is when you see an idea, for example a great design and copy for an ad, you cut it out and file it. You then refer to that […]

  • RSS is Spam Free

    RSS is your own channel. It enhances your relationship with  a client. As your stuff gets updated your client;s stuff gets updated instantly!  I am listening to a FREE online tutorial on Podcasts by the great folks at Baby Boomer Audio. RSS increases your visibility. Here is a great definition of Podcasts by ABC News. […]

  • Do You Have A Feedburner Account?

    Feedburner is now owned by Google. You should, if you do not have an account. This is especially helpful for folks using Blogger platforms because it is another way of getting stats for your site. So go and study the site. Activate some of the features. If you want a tutorial or two about it […]