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  • Baby Boomers and Ebay Collectors and Sellers

    Did you know that a Teddy Rooselvelt Marble sold on Ebay for $4,500? I just saw a great blog established by Ebay for collectors and buyers of collections. It is called Ebay Collectors. The blog shares collector items that have sold as well as tips for purchasing an item to add to your collection. I […]

  • Upload Your Webinars and PowerPoints

    There is another powerful site where you can upload your webinars and PowerPoints. Here is a short review.

  • Search Keywords, Niches, and Blogging Best on New Search Engine

    Same Point is a great search engine that will gives you a unique slant on social networking. I like it because it also gives a Twitter, Linkedin and other social networks your searches are related to. For example, just search on blogging and see what explodes. Oh, they are also in BETA, that means they […]

  • Pownce vs Twitter

    Pownce???, what is it? How does it compare to Twitter? Pownce is a micro-blogging site. It just opened to the public in January, 2008. Because I love ABOUT pages I am posting the ABOUT page below. About Pownce Pownce is a way to send stuff to your friends. What kind of stuff? You can send […]

  • Examples of How Some Non-Profits Use Twitter

    I like the following post because it gives you some great examples of how Twitter is being used by many non-profits. As a baby boomer I thrive of experiance-based technology applications. Ok, what I mean is show me someone who is using it and then I believe you. So, in my continuing look into many […]

  • 7 Twitter Tools For WordPress PLUS FREE Teleseminar

    Here are 7 Twitter tools for WordPress shared by Earnblogger. Also, combine this information with a FREE ACTION guide and teleseminar given by Social Marketing Expert Cathy Perkins. Now, I realize this is a very busy post. You have already jumped from one blog to another. Now, I am going to let you know that […]