Boomer Bloggers Be Bold-Explore Google Labs As Ultimate Star Trek Trip


Remember Star Trek? They explored space, places when humans had never been before. They didn’t know what they would encounter but did not let fear of the unknown stop them. Well, I have to often catch myself from NOT learning things because of stupid excuses like, “too much time”, “will never learn it” “looks way too differcult.”Or our all time favorate, “I’m too old.”


Google Labs is a place where you get a chance to play with new applications and then report any bugs or flowers to the genius behind the application. Now, they also have some applications listed which have graduated from the lab.

The good thing is if you don’t understand something this is a perfect time to get answers with listening ears. It won’t be assumed, I hope, that you already know the answer. You do not need to feel foolish for asking.

I have seen the notation in Google but just did not dare go there. But today I read a post on the Google blog about one of their new search features.

So, I am going to start looking at one application at a time that interests me. Join me and share what you like and don’t like for others.  Let’s make this a true space ship adventure into Google Space.

Please note that I set up a new category called Blogging Adventures with a sub-category called Google Labs. Consider doing the same when you start a blog series.

Do you want to be on board?