Got Tools? Get PC Tools With Toolie

 Learning PC tools can be easy or hard. Toolie is an outstanding Baby Boomer who knows her stuff and makes it easy. I know because I have taken  her classes. I LEARNED A LOT THAT HELPED ME WITH BLOGGING ALSO . For example the stuff in the code section of my wordpress blog is no longer like going to the darkside.

You can experiance a preview session of her PC Tools Online Class on Wednesday, Sept. 3, 2008. Below is the letter she sent to her list explaining more.


If you’ve been thinking about attending the PC Power Tips: Create Your
Own Web Site course that starts September 4th but aren’t sure the
class is for you, I have great news! I’m having a Free Preview Webinar
entitled “Fix My Website, Please!” on Wednesday September 3rd at 6 pm
Pacific time.

When you sign up for the webinar, you can submit your website or a
website you like for review and help. Whether you’re looking for ideas
and suggestions for your site or curious about how another site is
constructed, you’ll be able to get a glimpse of the design process and
see how web sites are put together. Finally, we’ll wrap up with a
quick overview of the Course content.

You’ll definitely gain valuable information from this preview whether
you sign up for the course or not. The Preview Webinar will be
recorded, so even if you can’t attend, be sure to sign up and you’ll
have access to the recording.

Visit to sign
up for the Preview. You’ll then receive an email from GoToWebinar with
link to register and receive your login information.

Class starts Thursday night September 4th. You can get all the details
about the course at PC Tools Webclass

See you Wednesday night!