Got My Sidebars Back And Feeling Better- 14 Lessons I learned

As you can see I got my sidebars back and feeling better. Lots of work still to be done to correct some code errors that Internet Explorer does not like.

I give special thanks to two awesome baby boomer blog doctors.Heidi Caswell of Connect Simply. Also Toolie of PC Power Tips.

Ok, let’s review my lessons that I learned.

1. When you cut and paste text from Microsoft Word please put it in Notepad to strip the funky code that comes with it. All the formating, etc.

Now, I know that. I teach that. But there are a few times in the super rush to nowhere I took foolish, I mean foolish chances. Not good. Do not do it.

2. Use the validation tool that is available at

Put your url in the space and it will bring up all the errors and warnings about your site. I wil be honest with you I found it exciting and frustrating at the same time. I am still reviewing it to see where there is code that needs correcting.

3. Check your theme. Sometimes there are errors with your theme so always have some back up themes to switch to see if the problem gets corrected.

4. Try deactivating your plugins if that resolves the problem then reactivate each plugin one at a time.

5.  Check all your widgets. Why? because sometimes there is some incorrect code hiding out. Well, code I placed there. I recalled that the last thing I did befere the my sidebars disappeared was to put code in a widget. I took it out but that did not solve the problem. It seems it was the tipping point for the breakdown of the site.

7. Ask for help.

8. Go to bed if you are tired, pray about it and go to sleep. Work on it fresh the next day.

9. If you know Html, check the code from all videos you put into your post. Some things were wrong with mine that needed correcting.

10. After you add a theme or plug in check it against the validator tool.

11. Check the forums to see if someone has had the same problem.

12. Ask your host to restore your site to where it was prior to the problem. My host took time and did this for me.

13. Don’t give up blogging.

14. Hug your husband or wife or somebody to make you feel better.

There will probably be more stuff to learn. But for now I am recording it here so I just won’t forget to remember.