Blogging for Busy Boomers Pt.1

I am hearing a lot of baby boomers talk about how they are much too busy to blog or do any kind of social networking.  So, I am going to start sharing ways to make things livable on the internet.

I just signed up for TweetLater.

Now, many of you super savvy boomers have been telling me about it in your teleseminars, ebooks, etc, but I finally made the plunge. Let me tell you what I did so far:

Set up all my twitter accounts and included an auto follow message for all twitter followers. Now, I have not been a fan of auto messages. But if you make the message something that you would not mind getting it is cool. Iguess it is better to have some kind of message than forgetting to acknowledge that the person followed you at all.

I can also do a lot more , like schedule my tweets. Yes, that was my main purpose for joining. Sometimes you need to tweet  a blog post at different times of the day and you just may not feel like getting up at 3:00 just so you can get a tweet out to folks across the world. Well Tweetlater can do that and much more.

So, my fellow boomers, would you like to share more if you are aleady on Tweetlater?