Do You Want People To Tweet Your Posts?

If you want people to be able to Tweet your Posts on Twitter then try adding a special plugin to your WordPress blog. A fellow baby boomer blogger, Heidi Caswell, just created a video showing you HOW TO ADD THE TWEET THIS plugin to your blog. Ok, some of you already know but others reading this will find this to be worth the time viewing.

So enjoy this post on how to add the plugin that will enable folks to Tweet your posts.

Be sure to hang out a while on her site. She has loads of goodies.

Oh, guess what, I added that cool plugin on this site. Soooo, you can feel free to Tweet it.

Blogging for Busy Boomers Pt.1

I am hearing a lot of baby boomers talk about how they are much too busy to blog or do any kind of social networking.  So, I am going to start sharing ways to make things livable on the internet.

I just signed up for TweetLater.

Now, many of you super savvy boomers have been telling me about it in your teleseminars, ebooks, etc, but I finally made the plunge. Let me tell you what I did so far:

Set up all my twitter accounts and included an auto follow message for all twitter followers. Now, I have not been a fan of auto messages. But if you make the message something that you would not mind getting it is cool. Iguess it is better to have some kind of message than forgetting to acknowledge that the person followed you at all.

I can also do a lot more , like schedule my tweets. Yes, that was my main purpose for joining. Sometimes you need to tweet  a blog post at different times of the day and you just may not feel like getting up at 3:00 just so you can get a tweet out to folks across the world. Well Tweetlater can do that and much more.

So, my fellow boomers, would you like to share more if you are aleady on Tweetlater?

Simple Yet Powerful Twitter Tips for Twitterland And Your Twitter Town

Hello Twitter Twitter Town-How are you Today?

Hello My Little Twitter Town-How Are You Today?

I am still learning each time I read a Tweet on Twitter or make a mistake. Yet, there are bloggers like Problogger who has mastered some great Twitter techniques. For example, I attempt to post things that folks that follow me might want to hear. But I am careful to take time and retweet interesting tweets that are appearing at that moment.

When you think about it Twitter is just like face to face discussions in a group. When I facilitate a group I am careful to encourage the silent folks in the group to say something. At the same time I try to discourage domination by one or two people in the group.

In addition, most groups work best when the size is small and not huge. So, I am not under compulsion to have a BIG TWITTER LIST.

Well, I never want to be the person who just talks about me, me and more me in a group.  Nor, do I want to be the quiet person all the time that does not feel my content has worth. So, those things stay on my mind when I am on Twitter.

Of course, I must admit, sometimes I go on Twitter when I feel like the pixels in my brain are frozen from fatigue. Then Twitter becomes therapy.

Enjoy this post by Darren Rowse who is one of the most authentic bloggers I know that makes real money blogging. When he talks about Twitter and blogging-I listen.

Search Keywords, Niches, and Blogging Best on New Search Engine

Same Point is a great search engine that will gives you a unique slant on social networking.

I like it because it also gives a Twitter, Linkedin and other social networks your searches are related to. For example, just search on blogging and see what explodes.

Oh, they are also in BETA, that means they are still doing a great job of getting the bugs out and welcome your feedback.

If anyone else has new experiences please share them.

Have fun!

My Baby Boomer Twitter Connections -@rebacollins

Start Tweeting With My Twitter Baby Boomer Connections

I am meeting so many great, genius and  “get  up and going folks” on Twitter.  So I decided this New Years Eve to chart some of my Twitter connections. I will post some of the great references and insights from Tweets and sites by those who I am following or who are following me.

If you are not on Twitter you are really missing some great gems and resources that are presented 24 hours a day. It is a networking and information power-packed pool. A watering hole that experts often gather.

So tonight I want to share a post on SEO that was on the blog of a couple, Brent and Reba. I just followed Reba only 60 minutes ago. From the time I thanked her for following me to the time of this post I have been hanging out on their site listening to their post and signing up for the service that allows you to listen to a post. I was also checking out other great features and plugins they have added to their site. You  can learn so much about blogging just by observing what others are doing.

I am following Reba and she is following me. Her site is Internet Marketing Boomer. Read what about her and the reason why she started her online efforts. Then, check out one her excellent post she did on Search Engine Optimization.

Reba says:

There’s so much to talk about, I don’t know where to start. But I better get in gear because you’re here for a reason and I don’t need to be hemmin’ and hawin’, huh?

Well, first things first, I’ll give you a little background on why I’m excited about what we’re doing here. Brent can make his own post.

I’ve been working on the internet for over ten years now. It started when I bought my first HTML editor, Microsoft Front Page 97 and from that point forward, I was hooked. First I built websites for other companies, but that only lasted a year or so as I wanted to build sites for ME. Brent and I owned a wholesale company that sold stuffed animals to the amusement industry and I was getting bored. This internet stuff was so much fun, I wanted to just do that!

So ever since that time I’ve been piddling around trying to make money online and have never quite gotten it right. Every time I thought I was on to something, something would change or I’d get bored because the money was slow to come and I again would quit. Well, let’s face reality, it was me and my impatience, I never had the tenacity to hang in there and just MAKE IT WORK.

Well let me tell you, this time, I’m going to MAKE IT WORK and while everyone watches right here!

I’m a member of that great generation that was born between 1946 and 1964. Yes, I’m a member of the generation that made America what it is today. According to the Wikipedia, I’m a “Trailing Edge Boomer” or “Late Boomer” since I was born in 1959. I really like the “Late Boomer” label as that’s what I am in Internet Marketing as well, I’ve been online for 10 years and still haven’t Boomed! Yes, it’s taken me 10 years to realize and understand my role as an internet marketer, yes, I’m a “Late Boomer”.

As a Baby Boomer my concerns include things like:

  1. thinking about retirement that is just around the corner
  2. taking care of an aging parent
  3. making sure my kids graduate from college and preying they do it without too much debt
  4. working all day in a workforce where young fresh minds could replace me at a moments notice
  5. trying to turn my internet hobby into a full-time business
  6. and the list goes on, add a comment and let’s discuss your concerns as a Boomer

And that’s why I’m here. I want to share what I learn about internet marketing with others who want to become financially independent with their own company using the internet. I’ll share what works and what doesn’t, what products are good and which ones aren’t, and I’ll give you info on the latest fads and the latest crap.

There’s so much information on the internet about internet marketing that it’s mind boggling, it’s a full-time job keeping up with it all and I hope to make it my full-time job some day soon. But what will be different about the information I give, is I will filter it from a Boomer’s perspective assessing cost, risk level, time investment to outcome ratio, and much more.

I’m looking forward to this new journey with a group of people that “see things the way I see them”.

Thanks for following me Reba!

Twitter Countdown-How Many Blogging Boomers Are On Twitter?

A fellow blogging boomer of mine debated on the number of baby boomers that might be on Twitter. He said 300,000 or is it only 3,000? Many of us may not tell our age. But if you are a blogging boomer on Twitter please share your Twitter Id as a comment in this post. We will keep a count and post the numbers as they come in. Oops. almost forgot, leave the url to your blog also. (Don’t worry if it is porn or a scatter site it WILL NOT be posted for others to click on)

The countdown begins now

PS if you are wondering about the art work it is by boomer hubby Ray Horner jr.

He is not on Twitter yet, but will be …

Pownce vs Twitter

Pownce???, what is it? How does it compare to Twitter?

Pownce is a micro-blogging site. It just opened to the public in January, 2008. Because I love ABOUT pages I am posting the ABOUT page below.

About Pownce

Pownce is a way to send stuff to your friends. What kind of stuff? You can send just about anything: music, photos, messages, links, events, and more. You can do it all on our web site, or install our lightweight desktop software that lets you get out of the browser.

Who makes this thing?

Pownce is brought to you by a bunch of geeks who were frustrated trying to send stuff from one cube to another.

The team consists of Leah Culver, Mike Malone, Daniel Burka, Kevin Rose, Ariel Waldman, and Shawn Allen (in that order below). Together, we formed a wee company with a great big name, Megatechtronium, that makes this software.

Now, take a few minutes to look at a great site,called Four20 which has provided a fair comparison of Pownce vs Twitter.

I just joined Pownce so I cannot give an expert summation. But if you can share your experiance it would be helpful.