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  • I Did Not Lie-I Just Updated An Old Blog Post With New Information

    I just made some additons to an old post about adding video to a WordPress.com site.Why, because I made an incorrect statement based on my current knowledge and experience at the time. I said you could not embed video into a WordPress.com site from Youtube. Don’t think I did not try without some heartburn. I […]

  • Video Posts-Using Viddler

    Video posting is hot! Well there are loads of new and old video platforms, that can host your videos. I am currently playing around with  Viddler. Now, what I really like , so far, is my ability to create a video using my webcam directly to the Viddler site. Now, this is really cool when […]

  • Can You Upload Audio and Video To a WordPress.com Blog?

    Can you add audio/video to a WordPress.com blog? I am glad you asked. YES and NO As you know I am a fan of WordPress.com sites for community groups and blog beginners. However, let’s not forget that “hosted” blog platform does not punch as much power as a “self-hosted solution like WordPress.org. But allow me […]