Does Your Blog Make a Difference That Can Impact the World?

I am repeating my appeal for people to share their blog name and purpose. Why? Because when I read the list of 100 blogs who are making a difference and changing the world, I knew that it was only the tip of the iceberg. It was just the beginning.

You know how there are many singers but only a few get a role in a show, appear on Oprah or win American Idol? Well the same holds true with bloggers. There are many great bloggers with great messages but they go unrecognized except for those that hear their message.

It is a Big Blog World Out There!

In addition, there are some great writers, deep thinkers and just plain wise folks. Now, this holds true with baby boomers because of our knowledge and expertise history. Yet, there are many wise souls under the baby boomer age.

I am on a personal mission to empower others with information that can encourage them to do things they have never ever done before, like blogging. Now, for some that is a tall order. Many say they are too old, too slow or too fat.

I created blogging for boomers to provide folks with tips on blogging and the world of social media. I believe that you can and should be blogging. There are many people out here that can help you reach your blogging goals. Why should you allow technology to get in the way of your message?

Think Big, Think World Wide!

So, I just want to share your messages that you are sharing. I want you to tell others what your message is and how it goes beyond your territory , state or village and can make a difference to the world.

Will you do that for me and for others. Sure can be an encouragement, and who knows you just might motivate someone.