So You Want To Learn More About Website Code and Stuff for Mac or PC?

Websites, blog sites, all sites need code! Now you do not have to be a webmaster to learn some key things related to creating a website. Or, did you know that if you wanted to customize a blog theme or check out that funny looking stuff behind the scene of your blog or website you could actually trouble shoot it yourself without turning green?

A friend of mine is doing a webinar series on web site stuff you need for websites as well as blogs. I have included the link in this email and know that she is excellent! I have been a follower of her free webinars

so I know the quality of her work and how much she extends herself in sharing her expertise. If you have any questions you can email her at Please note that what she is covering is good for PC and MAC! And yes, I intend to be on the webinars also which will take place in the evenings and replays available if you miss one.

Anyway click here to get in the live class that starts next week!