How Joyce Mason Gave Birth To Her First Blog

A literary agent, the guest speaker at my local Sisters in Crime meeting in September 2007, encouraged me to blog.  She suggested it as a way to begin to gain audience for my writing, while I completed my book.  Now it’s done, and as I work on getting it published, I discovered in the last year and a half something quite amazing for someone who had to look up what “blog” meant when she first got started.  I was born to blog.

My blog has the same name as my forthcoming book, a boomer memoir called Hot Flashbacks, Cool Insights. I always wanted to write a weekly column (daily was too rigorous), and I had a many entries already written, itching to share the wisdom I’ve learned along the way in a feature I’d call Life in the Vast Lane.  I knew this would be a hard sell in the print medium that’s more down- than upsizing these days.  I was turned down once or twice, but before I picked up that thread, soon I realized that most of the Vast Lane material fits my blog to a “T.”  I had some mechanics to figure out on how to blog, but as far as material was concerned, I’d already been blogging for years without knowing it.  Now I had somewhere to publish it.

The hidden gold in this process are the friends I’ve made and how much blogging has fine-tuned my writing.  I can’t think of when my work has evolved more in such a relatively short period of time.  This alone is worth the effort to blog! I get to test drive concepts for future books, get audience reactions in the Comments, and I feel I am getting a pulse on the target audience for my memoir series—baby boomer women.

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