Baby Boomer Blogger Debra Takes Down a Plagiarist!

Baby boomer blogger Debra Shiveley Welch takes down a plagiarist with brains and boldness and  a battle breastplate.

She is my guest blogger today.

Fight back with the same tools and attitude if someone messes with your writings.

Read about Debra’s great battle with plagiarism that you can do too!

How Joyce Mason Gave Birth To Her First Blog

A literary agent, the guest speaker at my local Sisters in Crime meeting in September 2007, encouraged me to blog.  She suggested it as a way to begin to gain audience for my writing, while I completed my book.  Now it’s done, and as I work on getting it published, I discovered in the last year and a half something quite amazing for someone who had to look up what “blog” meant when she first got started.  I was born to blog.

My blog has the same name as my forthcoming book, a boomer memoir called Hot Flashbacks, Cool Insights. I always wanted to write a weekly column (daily was too rigorous), and I had a many entries already written, itching to share the wisdom I’ve learned along the way in a feature I’d call Life in the Vast Lane.  I knew this would be a hard sell in the print medium that’s more down- than upsizing these days.  I was turned down once or twice, but before I picked up that thread, soon I realized that most of the Vast Lane material fits my blog to a “T.”  I had some mechanics to figure out on how to blog, but as far as material was concerned, I’d already been blogging for years without knowing it.  Now I had somewhere to publish it.

The hidden gold in this process are the friends I’ve made and how much blogging has fine-tuned my writing.  I can’t think of when my work has evolved more in such a relatively short period of time.  This alone is worth the effort to blog! I get to test drive concepts for future books, get audience reactions in the Comments, and I feel I am getting a pulse on the target audience for my memoir series—baby boomer women.

Joyce L. Mason
Sacramento Area, CA – USA
Author of the upcoming memoir, Hot Flashbacks, Cool Insights
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