Toolie, Toolie, Toolie

I wanted to make this post like a cheer. I am cheering the name Toolie because we have learned so much from her extensive practical computer skills. She is just right for the baby boomer who is saying“I’m just not good with the computer.” Toolie understands and will teach you anyway in a way you can understand.

Of course she has more than a background in Microsoft she is funny, a trained opera singer, professional photographer and travel expert/consultant. There is more trust me. I met her via National Speakers Association and decided not to let her get out of my sight or should I say computer?

Since July, 2007 Toolie has been providing cutting edge FREE webinars on computer must have skills for 30 mins on Wed. afternoon and evenings. I know because I have been learning so much from her. She is called Toolie the Travel Guide. And if you w ant to know about travel you can stay on her site after you sign up for her webinar.

But this Wednesday please get a taste of what she has to offer. This Wednesday she is talking about critical computer backup things you should do for your business. BUT YOU DO NOT HAVE TO BE A COMPUTER WIZ TO DO IT.

That is the beauty of her workshops she takes her time, listens to you and shows you what to do.

So here is the link to her webinar sign up sheet and consider checking out her session this Wednesday!


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