Turn Your RSS Feeds into Emails? Duh? What’s RSS?

Can you turn your RSS feeds into emails? Ok, first let’s get past that funny term called RSS which means Real Simple Syndication and not Real Safe Soups.

A really good tutorial on RSS

Here is a tutorial I found on RSS that might help those of you who may not be comfortable with it yet. Click this link for a good explanation of RSS.

Also, check out older posts on this site on RSS. Here is a vintage post on RSS.

And finally, check out the video below on how to move your RSS into emails.

Simple RSS to Email by AWeber Communications

5 thoughts on “Turn Your RSS Feeds into Emails? Duh? What’s RSS?

  1. Thanks for sharing this info! This post has really helped me a lot. The video tutorial was great, too. I’ve learned many things from here. Do yo have more tutorials to suggest?

  2. When I first heard the word RSS, I never understood it too! Did you? This really helped me!

    Thanks for sharing!


  3. If you Twitter using RSS feeds, posts can be made automatically from your blog or any RSS source.

  4. I also was confused about the word RSS when i heard that first . You blog sort of describes the thing i came to know .

  5. Rss is a very powerful tool to get readers stay hooked in your site as it provides constant supply of updates. And yes, twitter can be integrated on it!

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