Twitter Countdown-How Many Blogging Boomers Are On Twitter?

A fellow blogging boomer of mine debated on the number of baby boomers that might be on Twitter. He said 300,000 or is it only 3,000? Many of us may not tell our age. But if you are a blogging boomer on Twitter please share your Twitter Id as a comment in this post. We will keep a count and post the numbers as they come in. Oops. almost forgot, leave the url to your blog also. (Don’t worry if it is porn or a scatter site it WILL NOT be posted for others to click on)

The countdown begins now

PS if you are wondering about the art work it is by boomer hubby Ray Horner jr.

He is not on Twitter yet, but will be …

35 thoughts on “Twitter Countdown-How Many Blogging Boomers Are On Twitter?

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  2. I’m on Twitter as packagingdiva.
    I try 2 amuse & educate my followers what they need 2 know about packaging people and products with daily packaging tips.

  3. I led a session at Podcamp Ireland on baby boomers and social media. I’m sure the title of the talk influenced the demographics of the audience, but there was an almost even split between boomers and Gen Xers. I think you’re going to be surprised at how many of us are using social media. My twitter ID is MichaelBuckley. My PCI session is online at

    I’m looking forward to the results of your poll.

  4. I am a blogging, twittering, social media boomer happily typing away at my computer using Skype and answering my cell phone.

  5. Hi Rosie,

    Yes — I’m a boomer blogger, twitterer, facebooker, LinedIner, skyper, IMer and web hoster, too — and have been since my first email in 1988! (anyone remember Prodigy?)

    Now I’m a full time patient empowerment consultant — and appreciate the shout out on your blog a week or so ago.

    Twitter — follow me at:


    the best of 2009 to you all!

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