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Twitter Talk-Retweeting

Here is a great post explaining a Retweet and how to do it on Twitter. I


Read this excellent article on the impact of doing a simple thing like retweets in viral communication in our businesses and organizations.

Please note that I am going to start doing RETWEETS! IF, you want to join me follow my good friend, and alter ego,bloggingbetty@twitter.com. We can all practice. Also, if you see me doing something wrong let me know.

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  • Insightful post thankyou ! I am new to Twitter and I have found Re-tweeing a fantastic way to segway into another stream of followers. Wow, what a fantastic era for technology and exciting times we live in – I love the fact that there is an undercurrent of technology users that are working underneath the BS to generate the value of real opinions out there! I am hooked to this new way of communicating with other like minded people and I totally love it !

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