Upgrade Your WordPress.com Blog With Your Own Domain Name

If you have a WordPress.com site your url will read http://www.mysitename.wordpress.com.  Now, if you want to create a url to put on a business card that is just tooooo long for someone to key into the browser. So you can upgrade your FREE WordPress.com site by just going to the UPGRADE tab.

There you will have several upgrade options if you pay for them. The one I am referring to is 14.97 if you host your domain with WordPress.com and 9.97 if you use a domain name you already have.

To illustrate this feature I just upgraded a site I have in WordPress.com called Rosies Blog Class. Now, the url is http://www.rosiesblogclass.wordpress.com. I purchased a domain from WordPress.com which is http://www.rosiesblogclass.com.

So, if I am teaching a workshop or speaking to someone about blogging I can send them to http://www.rosiesblogclass.com and it will redirect to the site.

So, if you have a site on WordPress.com that you want to send folks to when you are not online, consider this handy upgrade.

PS Remember if you are hosting with WordPress.com and not self-hosting with a WordPress.org blog platform YOU MUST MANUALLY BACKUP YOUR SITE. Do not expect WordPress.com to do it for you. I strongly suggest that you maintain a folder on your hard drive with everything you post on your site.

If anyone has other solutions let me know.

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