What Can You Blog About?

You can blog about anything! For many people their purpose in life is to blog.(smile) Seriously, people blog about life, politics, religion, entertainment, gossip, art, and the list goes on. For example,if you create a news site it will be content about the lasted news stories.


The magic word here is CONTENT. The content will consist of articles, photos, videos, audios, sketches, and art. It all depends on the type of blog you have. Whatever form you take that content is sometimes called posts or entries. When someone says, “I posted to my blog today” that means they uploaded or wrote a new piece of content to the live blog site. Posts can be edited after they are published, if necessary or desired


The person doing the post is called the AUTHOR.  Yes, you can have multiple authors for a blog. But that must be set up in your blogging system. Most of the time blog authors develop their posts on a web-based interface built right into the blogging system itself.

Some blogging systems will also let you use programs like Outlook Express, Thunderbird (http://www.mozilla.org/products/thunderbird/), and Eudora Mail to create your posts and post to the blog later.


And guess what, Some blogging tools offer you the ability to email your posts.directly to your blog, all without direct interaction through the blogging tool interface.  you can n your post content to a pre-determined email address your post is published!

This is a great time saver!

We have several blog we plan to set up but each will have a very specific purpose and related content. It is important not only for your intended audience but for your sanity.(smile)

So start now, if you haven’t already, thinking about content for your blog and how to start posting.




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