What Do You Do When The Blog is Gone?

Blogs that get hacked or disappear because you did not back it up is gone. Yet, how do you deal with it emotionally and physically?

Sometimes you get so attached that a real grief sets in. The bottom line is I had not gotten attached, as I should have, to the blog I lost. I have not attempted to recreate it from the files on my harddrive. Yet, is it because I was thinking about taking it down anyway if I did not start paying attention to it?

What would happen if a favorite blog died?  What would you do? Get depressed? Give up? or Fight to get it back?

How is that for blog motivation?

3 thoughts on “What Do You Do When The Blog is Gone?

  1. I just saved all my blogs yesterday. I don’t use any software – I use my browser.
    I just set my blog to show all the posts then save the whole web page. Blogger allows for showing up to 500 posts on the front page which covers over a year of posts if you post daily.
    Then I go back in and reset the number of posts on the front page back to either 7 or 14.
    Probably not the best way to save a blog, but it saves the most important content – the writing!

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