What is an Event Blog?

Now an event blog is usually temporary. It is set up to promote an upcoming event. Those events may include a concert, trade conferences, etc. Many times someone in the event may blog reports about the event proceedings from their laptops while at the event. Sometimes they are left as an archive after the event or sometimes they are taken down.

The exciting thing about this kind of blogging is that you can use it a a wonderful marketing tool.

Now think about it, do you have an event your organization or business is planning for the future? Consider setting up a blog. Surprise the non-boomers with this innovative idea.

Click here for an example of an event that is over but archived for reference.

Sometimes a corporation will take a chance on an event blog before they venture out to do a business blog. So much is based on the readiness or understanding of the organization or business about blogs.

Click here to see a tech conference event blog.  Most of the coverage was done in video which makes sense for a tech conference.

Have fun! Give it a try.


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