When Baby Boomers Blog is it Just a Lot of BLAH, BLAH BLAH?

When Baby Boomers blog is it just a lot of BLAH, BLAH, BLAH? I say YES!!!

Look at my mnemonic for BLAH and let me know what you think.


Many baby boomers I know blog about some aspect of their business. They share their success, failures and visions. Some may think that baby boomers are too old to think about new business goals or even starting a new business. But when I think about people like Dave Thomas, The Colonial of Kentucky Fried Chicken many online entrepreneurs I am convinced that age really is just a number.


Baby boomers often blog about their many “loves”. Their love of gardening, love of people, love of grandchildren, love, love, love.  I Love reading blogs that target a passion that oozes with creativity and charm. These blogs are often uninhibited and can touch every emotion we have. They also just make you feel good.


Many baby boomers were involved in social action activities that reflected their convictions and beliefs. Today there are baby boomers  who blog with the purpose of moving us to social involvement beyond a passive philosophical discussion. These are powerful blogs that are infused with the momentum that social media platforms can provide.


Do you want more resources on caregiving? Boomer blogs can help. Do you want to know how to navigate a job search after 50? Boomer Blogs can help. Do you want to know how to blog? Boomer blogs can help.

I find that baby boomer blogging is providing an almost infinite source of resources. Why? Because we just love to HELP.

So where does your blogging fit in the BLAH, BLAH, BLAH?


5 thoughts on “When Baby Boomers Blog is it Just a Lot of BLAH, BLAH BLAH?

  1. I am new at this I never blogged before. My name is Mary . I need some help. I I’m a wound care nurse.. I’m on a leave of absence I had surgery on my foot. Soon I will be back to work .I plan to open my own business A Consulting business On how to heal wounds For patients that go home from the hospital . Then I’ll have a website. I’m not a designer on my DYII person. I love to look at all the designs that are posted. Yes I’m a baby boomer. I just recently got married after 20 years of being single. I have seven grown-up children, 14 grandchildren , Five great-grandchildren. I moved into my husbands home. It was absolutely beautiful from outside . He had a gardener landscaper and sprinkler system. But when you walk inside it looked like you walked into something from the 80s wallpaper everywhere. He was a retired schoolteacher and you would think he was still a schoolteacher. He was a science and chemistry teacher. Also a track coach. He was at the high school for 45 years. So he had his memorabilia all over the place. I noted every room was used for some sort of storage with papers and books. The bad thing he could not part with any thing . If i Then mention the amount of clutter he became very angry and defensive . He never ever through and the receipt out. It was an absolute nightmare. We didn’t live together before we got married. I think if I had known all this I might never married him . I spent almost $50,000 Trying to make it comfortable to live in. And the beginning I never went into any room, but the family room with the TV was. And his huge speakers and all around sound system Dated back to the 60s. He kept that area relatively okay. I know I had a big mess to clean up but I had no idea . I never went upstairs I didn’t know what was waiting for me there. The garage was even worse I never went in there either. Hi prayed that one of the house crashers from HGTV Would find me at Lowe’s And come to my rescue . He was married once right out of college, but never married after. He didn’t have any children. I did date him 20 some years ago. It didn’t work out he was very rigid and really it didn’t work out with my children because he kept wanting them to study. That wasn’t a bad thing it was just the way he would go about it. It didn’t work out , but 20 years later we ran into each other and I thought maybe I missed out on something because I’ve Was still single And kept running into no good bums . He loves me so very much and that’s a good thing The man always needed someone to take care of them. So I said what the heck I’m 60 years old one was got to lose. Back to the house I went liberally from room to room and start remodeling. I hired an interior decorator and she came with the contractor. She was very controlling and very high-priced and Very pushy. The contractor was wonderful very smart he was the better designer than she was Now I’m down to the living room and the family room and I don’t know what to do. It’s a large four bedroom home 2 and a half baths family room which is open to the kitchen. Huge backyard which is fenced in a very beautiful deck. Well that’s my story so far. I found this website has been very entertaining I love to look at all the wonderful pictures. I know my home will never look like those in the pictures but little bit of time I can make it cozy and comfortable for me and my family.

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