When Was The Last Time You Checked Your Links And Opt-ins?

When was the last time you checked your links and opt-in boxes on your blogs. Do they still work?

This evening I was chatting with a friend and sent her to, what I thought, was a working opt-in box. Well, it worked but took us to the wrong THANK YOU PAGE  for the wrong free item. BOOMER ME.

I wanted to fire the secretary but realized that I was the secretary who made the mistake. Well, I am glad it happened. It was a reminder to go back and check the links and all your opt-ins to make sure they are working.

It is worth the time.  What do you think?

3 thoughts on “When Was The Last Time You Checked Your Links And Opt-ins?

  1. Great advice, Rosie! I just checked mine and all seem to be in working order. Would never have thought to check as we take for granted that once we install these things, they work forever.

    Thanks for the reminder,

    Heidi Richards Mooney, Publisher
    WE Magazine for Women

  2. Oh yes, I so often learn the hard way, fall down and get back up. But isn’t that the Boomer way sometimes. I am blessed when someone shares with me so I can avoid drama.

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