When Was the Last Time You Commented on a Baby Boomer Blog?

Repeat after me,


Bloggers know this fact but often time and life dramas slow us down. We may not visit other blogs or just barely have time to eat, sleep and put code into a blog widget. Yet, the ability to make a comment on a blog has connected many baby boomers to others in their area of expertise, opinion, political status, religious practice or  joint venture sales opportunities.

More baby boomers are blogging now than ever. However, there are still skeptics out there who believe we still don’t know how to even turn on a computer, forget about posting to a blog. So, my fellow baby boomer bloggers (and future baby boomers bloggers) in the memorable words of the Beatles, “Come Together”. As you listen to the song below remember that baby boomers have their own special language.

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11 thoughts on “When Was the Last Time You Commented on a Baby Boomer Blog?

  1. I am a blogger and I do read and comment on a number of blogs. I do enjoy reading them when I have time. For me, I will only comment if I really feel I have something to offer the blogger. I used to just say “Nice post” but now I think it’s important to say something more to let the writer know I really did read what they wrote. My comments may also stimulate further conversation. I don’t think blogging is for everybody though.

  2. You make a wonderful point, Rosie! I’ve been blogging for over two years and have been lucky enough to develop a number of great boomer friends through the process. As fellow bloggers and women of about the same age, we share certain things in common. Many of us are entrepreneurs, writers, and service providers and our blog is a way to spread the word about what we do. We also realize how important comments are because they’re a way to show support.

    So, I agree! Let’s spread the message, the support, and the boomer love, and take a moment to make a COMMENT on a fellow boomer’s blog.!!

  3. I LIKE this post and couldn’t agree more! So many of us are at the stage where we’re reconnecting with others, now that the kids have grown, and I know I appreciate connecting with others who “get” me from a generational perspective.

    It’s a joy to “come together.” Thanks for the Beatles buzz!

  4. Hey Rosie-
    When I saw the title of this article, had to respond for I’ve been somewhat “out of touch” with blogs of late-
    Not for any other reason than having nothing really worth writing about??
    Like Bev, I generally won’t respond to something of no interest…therefore, until my mind latches onto [what I feel]something others might enjoy, I won’t post.

    However, I can compensate the “drought” with my campaign blogging!


  5. This new site has everything for the generation over 50–articles about arts & entertainment, financial advice, retirement advice, health tips, and so much more…it’s a community where we can share and enjoy!

    (The Other Side of 50)

  6. Your blog is probably one of the last ones I commented on. I have barely had time to breathe,and am behind on all of my own blogs, but proud that I know my way around the social media circuit.

    I’m so sorry that I missed your birthday. You are a special DIVA, and I pray you had a beautiful and fun birthday.

  7. Hi! Your boomer blogging tips and ideas are right on!

    I’m new at blogging, but I enjoy writing and believe that boomer women don’t always realize how much we have to offer to the world. We can still LOOK GOOD, have fun, and treat people right. Recently I read a boomer woman say that she felt ‘invisible’. My heart hurt for her, though in the end her faith in God helped her realize that she was far from invisible in her life.

    About your blogging site: I like it lots, yet I couldn’t see the Beatles “Come Together” video; the message said it was copywritten.

    Well, I’ll follow you – and hope you stop by to see me at http://www.classyboomerwomen.blogspot.com. Again, I’m just getting started; any comments to help me add or improve are welcomed.

    BB 🙂

  8. Sooooo very glad you stopped by. Of course, anyway I can help let me know. Now I am going to visit your blog. Much continued success!!!

  9. The last time I commented on a boomers blog is now. Am currently looking for boomer blogs for reading, and research.
    Mike Boomer Blogger

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