When You Don’t Know What to Blog About Think About Blogging Betty Boomer

If you look at the last cartoon post Blogging Betty Boomer is in a meeting. Whereas, one member of her group is thinking about her blogging post. Many would say that the meeting looks boring and that’s why the other worker is thinking about his game. But regardless of the excitement or non-excitement of the meeting Blogging Betty Boomer has decided to take advantage of the opportunity to create blogging material.

Now how does this apply to you? When you are in meetings or any gathering listen, I mean really LISTEN to information that may relate to your blogging topic. If your expertise is presentation skills, for example, you could analyze the delivery skills of the presenter. Without sharing your results you could write a post to your blog about using vocal variety.

Blogging opportunities are all around you so do not let them get away. Remember if you are in a long meeting it’s just enough material many posts. Consider the fact also that you can blog your opinions. If you disagree with something said in a meeting you can present the issue and share your agreements or disagreements.

Remember also that sometimes your disagreements make great stuff for lots comments.


Thanks Ray for another great cartoon!

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