Why And How I Moved My Static Website to a Dynamic Blogging Home Part 1

Yes, I finally moved my static website to a dynamic blogging home. And quoting my wonderful webmaster, “This is a good move. Now it will be easier for you to update your site.”

Static Home To Blog Home Address

Now, it is important to note that I did not make the move until after I started blogging.

What Made My Website Static?

My static site  was written entirely using HTML.  (That’s the code that only the Webmasters and internet understands until you learn it) Each web page  was  a separate document and there were no databases or external files that they drew  upon. This meant that the only way to edit the site was to go into each page and edit the HTML. In my case it was done by the  a web page editor software called Dreamweaver. (Great program with a steep learning curve)

Sure my Webmasters taught me how to update the site. (I had two during the history of the site) But most of the time they updated it when they were available in the midst of their very busy, hectic schedules. Now, because I could not afford to have them dedicate their time to me only I had to quite down my only child syndrome and wait my turn. I was successful at doing some updates but too often ran into potholes and messed up my tires.

In addition I was not able to add new functions to the site quickly. Things like data feeds or a comprehensive site search. Oh, lets not forget optimizing it for the search engines like I have learned to do with blogs.

I finally purchased another web editor software package for quick creations of sales pages. This program, XSitpro eased the compulsiveness to go faster with my online activity. (Note that link is an affiliate and I will make revenue if you click on it but I fully support it for ease of use)

What Makes A Blog Home Dynamic?

In my opinion a blog is a static website on steroids!

I changed to a dynamic blogging platform when I realized the following:

* I  planned to update my website on a regular basis. This could be done because a dynamic site  is controlled by a CMS (content management system). This means that you will potentially be able to make updates without needing any knowledge of HTML or any website software. The blog platform I am using is WordPress.org. It is still using a complex code. (PHP and HTML) but when you mess around in that code then you get help until you learn it.
* I planned to  add more functionality to my site at some time in the future
* It was very important for me to optimize my website for the search engines
Finally, each page of my new blog home is generated from information that is stored in a database or external file. The WordPress.org content management system directly modifies this stored information.

In part 2 I will talk about a few realistic hurdles that had to made with my old apartment building. (host)

3 thoughts on “Why And How I Moved My Static Website to a Dynamic Blogging Home Part 1

  1. Hi Rosie,
    Hurray for CMS and WordPress. What would we be without it? It is such a great thing that anybody can write about what they are passionate about and build a business around it if they like.

    Great blog you have, with lots of content! Good luck with teh #blog30 challenge!


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