Will Using HTML Emails Help or Hurt My Business? Free Webinar Has Answers!

A very good friend of mine , Toolie,is doing a  FREE webinar on Thursday night. the title is “

Will Using HTML Emails Help or Hurt My Business? Free Webinar Has Answers!

This is what she says:

HTML Emails (e-zines, newsletters, email broadcasts) can be a great way to showcase your business, especially for markets that care about a professional appearance in every aspect of the business. However, having an email template that doesn’t LOOK like YOUR business can be a drawback! With a little HTML and CSS knowledge, you can create an email template that delivers not only your message but also enhances your brand recognition.

She will cover:

On Thursday night February 25th at 6 pm Pacific, 9 pm Eastern time, she will look at exactly how you “Brand Your Emails with Custom Templates.” She will take you behind the scenes of those pre-fab email templates and show you how you can attach your colors and images so your customer list recognizes YOUR message among all their emails

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She will cover the details of her I Can Fix My Own Website, coaching, training and membership program.

Sign up now for the webinar, please tell her that Rosie sent you. Hope to hear you on the call. I promise, really promise you will learn a lot!

And yes, if you are a blogger, the cool stuff you learn will be invaluable!

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