Boomers-A Quick Motivational Moment

A speaker friend of mine, Robin Eubanks, did a powerful keynote on overcoming challenges. This is an excerpt from that keynote that speaks volumes to those of us who are faced with challenges of any kind.

Although she does not talk specifically about blogging the principles are related to every challenge a boomer can possibly meet.

For some of us blogging boomers it may just be the posting of an entry,blogging for the first time, or dealing with computer drama.

Enjoy this short clip and be encouraged.


We Did it! 70 Posts in 30 Days!

This blog was set up on Aug. 13, 2007. I challenged us to create 70 content driven, quality posts in 30 days. I know it may sound strange but it was a great self motivator. This challenge not only taught us a lot of information but it increased our search engine placement.

As baby boomers this challenge gave us inspiration and energy.  We strongly suggest that you set a goal for your blog. Do short term goals then set some more. Keep the information fresh and full of information you also want to research and learn.

We will continue to post relevant information so just let us know more of what you want to hear. We plan to have more Blogging Betty Boomer cartoons, podcasts and videos. We may also have a few teleseminars. Would you attend?

So we hope you continue to hang in there with us, teach us, talk with us and take the time to learn with us.

Ray and Rosie

What is an Event Blog?

Now an event blog is usually temporary. It is set up to promote an upcoming event. Those events may include a concert, trade conferences, etc. Many times someone in the event may blog reports about the event proceedings from their laptops while at the event. Sometimes they are left as an archive after the event or sometimes they are taken down.

The exciting thing about this kind of blogging is that you can use it a a wonderful marketing tool.

Now think about it, do you have an event your organization or business is planning for the future? Consider setting up a blog. Surprise the non-boomers with this innovative idea.

Click here for an example of an event that is over but archived for reference.

Sometimes a corporation will take a chance on an event blog before they venture out to do a business blog. So much is based on the readiness or understanding of the organization or business about blogs.

Click here to see a tech conference event blog.  Most of the coverage was done in video which makes sense for a tech conference.

Have fun! Give it a try.


Blawg Review Awards for Best Law Blog Design and Best Blog by an Attorney

This is a great example of the best of blawgs  in action. In this post the author is highlighting the award given to a blawg. Really very impressive. Please read the post by clicking on Digg story.

In the annual Blawg Review Awards, J. Craig Williams received the award for Best Blog by a Practicing Attorney for May It Please the Court, which also picked up the award for Best Law Blog Design with kudos to Optional Design Group for creative design and for site development to Neurosity. Many more awards given to law blogs in various categories.

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