More Insights on Young Search Engine Mahalo

In the first part of the series Beyond Google, MSN and Yahoo I posted earlier about the young search engine in Hawaii called Mahalo.

Now this site just added a really dynamite  (You can tell I am a boomer) feature called Follow 2.o. The feature has the following description:

Quickly recommend links to Mahalo
Click “Yes” on the toolbar to open the recommend a link form prefilled with the url and title of the page you are on

Never miss amazing Mahalo results
Search anywhere and always view Mahalo results when your search matches a Mahalo page

Discover great links as you browse the web
Follow detects relevant Mahalo pages based on the content of the page you’re viewing

Now the feature must be downloaded to your browser which can be Internet Explorer or Firefox. They make it really easy and give clear instructions if you need to reset your browser to accept the download. Once it is done you can recommend any link you want while you are on the page. Plus, hold on for this one, you can write a brief description of the site.

That means you can submit your own sites and  brag about them. If you want the search engine to consider develop a page for your tags and area not covered by the search engine, it will consider it and send you an email when it is done.

So just like the picture below, you can populate this new search engine lake with the ducks of your  choice! Have fun!


More On Webloogle

In an earlier post in the Blog Directory series I told you about Webloogle. Well, I joined them and today I received an email indicating that I needed to include a link to the site for ranking.

Just wanted to let you know that you should expect this if you join. Many directories require this step. This is another site that has humans approving the entry of the blogs. So be patient with the acceptance or rejection of your submission. Stay tuned as more develops.


Has anyone else used this directory?

Are You Ready for a Boomer Laugh Today????

Are you ready for a boomer laugh today? If yes please go the this blog  by Newsday and view the animation done by Walt Handelsman on two baby boomers exercising to the tune of “Born To Be Wild”. Now remember that he is also a political cartoonist so he does not hold back with the raw details of aging. But it is funny and perhaps you could also use a break from blogging to laugh.


Blogging Directories-Pt.4 Webloogle

Webloggle is a blogging directory with an easy interface. The sign up process is painless and you must wait for approval for your site to be listed. I suggest putting your site in the search box first to be sure that it is not already in the directory.

You cannot access the user panel until your site is approved. But looking at the sites listed this directory provides a good amount of statistics and opportunity to rank the sites.

I have just submitted my site  so I will know more once I am approved. I do not know if the directory will allow you to submit more than one site but will know more later.

If anyone already has some experience with this directory let us know.


Google Adsense Impressions and Blogging Boomer Success

Hi, this is Blogging Betty Boomer with a Friendly Friday Reflection.

Most of you are probably thinking that I am talking about Google Adsense and you are right, partially. You see in Google Adsense you may see a lot of impressions but it does not count until you get a CLICK that’s when you see the money.
But the same applies to blogging. When we strive to IMPRESS folks with our blogs it may be a waste of time and energy. Who really cares? But when we can CLICK an CONNECT with a reader then it makes sense.

Many of us bloggers blog for money, fame, expertise position, to strut our stuff or something to to do instead of thinking about major issues in our lives. But when we blog are we REALLY trying to just impress readers with our real time themes, rhetoric or rants? Do we realize that what we write will still stay on the internet after we change our minds?

Boomers we just have to make a difference. The boomers today must look behind. We must leave legacies and living proof that we have made more than just an IMPRESSION

Going Beyond Google, MSN and Yahoo!-Part 1

I am going to do a series on other search engines that you can submit your url(website name) to besides Google, MSN and Yahoo. We all know that they reign supreme almost but there is life beyond the major players. So hold on to your seat and enjoy the ride.

I also hope that you visit these sites right after each post to see if your site is indexed. When you visit put in the entire site name starting with or net, etc.

A while ago I read about a young new search engine in Hawaii called Mahalo. It is a human driven not machine driven. That means that the entries are reviewed and posted by human beings. They are also looking for more volunteers to assist in posting the entries.

Well I submitted this site and now notice that I get a good number of links back to my site. What you do is search on your topic area and if it is not there they will give you the option to make an ADD for consideration.

You must take the few seconds to sign up with a name and password but it is well worth the effort.


A Little Bit More About

I joined My lot today based on the advice of Hye, who I discussed in my last post. I am impressed with the fact that you can enter any number of blogs that you have. You must include the RSS feed and put a link on your site so their spiders know t hat you own the site. You have the choice of deleting it later.

Go to the TAB that says BLOGS and add your blog to the site. Now look very carefully on the page and you will see the Add Your Blog link.

Even if I do not make money via posting I am hoping for more link traffic. So time will tell. I share this with you in case you want to explore it also. So far I did glean a lot from the discussions on making money under blogging basics.
myLot User Profile

PS I find that there are a lot of good blog post on the site as well as some trivia but such is life. Hopefully, you will bring the good stuff.


Another Resource If You Want To Make Money With Your Blog

There are many bloggers who, in all honesty, blog because they want to make some extra money. Hey, I also want to keep finding ways to monetize my site. And there are many of us who want to do a combination of blogging content, expertise or rants and also make some money.

I don’t know where you fall in that category but I received a comment on my blog today from someone who has what looks like a really content filled site on making money with your blog.

The site is called entry 4 cash.

Keep an eye on it! I know I will.