How To Promote Your Site With Squidoo

By Josip Barbaric

Promoting your business site with Squidoo is one of the most effective affiliate marketing methods, right beside article marketing and blogging. It has become one of the most popular online marketing trends for a good reason.

Squidoo is an online community of lensmasters. Lensmasters are Squidoo members that create content on Squidoo via Squidoo lenses, one-page information sites that serve to inform people of a certain topic or subject and to point the way, providing links to products, sites or giving product reviews.

Squidoo has many different aspects, such as member interaction via commenting on lenses, joining relevant groups or rating other members lenses. Promotion of affiliate products and sites has been made very easy by Squidoo. In fact, unlike most sites online, they welcome affiliate marketers.

One of the best things about Squidoo is that the content created on it ranks extremely well in the search engines. It is highly optimized and many lenses to this day have made it to the first page of Google and other search engines with virtually no effort beyond making the lens and publishing it. This is probably the most important part of Squidoo.

Squidoo lenses give you the ability to rank very high in the search engines for your selected keywords, while giving you the ability to get high quality backlinks to your site, give your site or blog big exposure. Also, you can make affiliate sales directly from Squidoo by providing people info on a certain subject and then directing them to selected products from stores such as Amazon and Ebay.

There are some things that you need to remember when using Squidoo to promote your personal website, affiliate page or squeeze page where you capture subscribers to your newsletter.

1. You must create quality content. Period. That means info that people can actually use.

2. If you have your own website, be sure to link to it from your Squidoo lenses and use an anchor text with the targeted keywords that you want your site to compete on in the search engines. This can give a great boost to your site’s search engine rankings.

3. Use social bookmarking to get the word out about your lens. This will give you more backlinks and more readers. And more sales.

4. Update your lenses at least one per week if you want to make a long term profit from them. There are two reasons for this. First, updating your lens frequently will make it rank higher on Squidoo, which gives you credibility as an expert on the given subject. Second, you can track the click through rate and tweak the content to be more appealing.

5. Post comments on other people’s lenses, but make them constructive. Also, be sure to compliment them on a great lens. This will give you more traffic to your own lenses.

6. When you become a lensmaster, every lens that you make will look like this: Be sure to choose the name of your lens carefully, as well as the title of your lens. It must be something that gives the visitors a clear view at the lens’ content.

Squidoo is a powerful asset for everyone who wants to make money online. Use it to get the word out about your site and to build your credibility, to create more presence in the search engines and to make sales. And then more sales.

Josip Barbaric is a successful Squidoo lensmaster and a top affiliate for many different programs. His Affiliate Training Guide shows newbies how to make money with various marketing methods. If you want to learn more, visit the Affiliate Marketing

Social Networks-IMEDIX

Social network and health research are merged with the launch of Imedix. This social network site is easy to use and aimed at providing answers to health questions from people. This site is easy to sign up with. Although they have an option for your birth date it is not a required field.

Now , please note that you can also upload your real picture or an avatar. Yet it was quite surprising to see how many people have the face book influence and post their real pictures. Things are really changing online.

Members have a choice with tags that say:

  • talk to me
  •  I’m interested
  •  learning more
  • Happy to share my experience
  • Please share your wisdom with me
  • I’m all ears

You do not need to be a member to search for a health related topic. The responses are results of internet searches as well as an option to ask for someone to respond to your inquiry and chat online. How much do you share of your private info? I don’t know and that could be a concern. However, I tend to think that when you want to get answers for medical issues related to yourself or family members most of your caution goes out of the window.

I recall years ago enrolling in a group that was related to a surgical procedure I was scheduled to have. It was great! Wonderful people, and I got super help. Yet, when I googled my name later that group was the first to pop up for years.

This site is in Beta which means it is still new and working out the bugs. But I must say it looks just great and is, I truly believe, going to and is , helping a lot of people. In this age of reduced focus on prevention reduced time in patient education I applaud a site like this. It is not focused on fun and friends but a way to help us to enjoy fun and friends a while longer.

It is my hope that more and more agencies will begin to use social networking as a means of delivering essential health information to people in a venue that will work for a diverse population. I want this site to work!


Article Writing-Are You Doing it Yet?

I have found that one of the best, I mean very best ways to drive more traffic to your blogs is to write articles. Now, I know somebody who is a true genius at do this. Many of you know him also. His name is Jeff Herring. He has some great templates, tutorials, teleseminars and more that will make you feel like what he says at the end of each of his talks “Just go use this stuff”. I am learning so much and feel a lot more confident and productive so check out one of his teleseminars or some of his other great  trainings.

But start writing those articles now!!! You  have a lot to say.

Twitter-Insights from Wikipedia

I thought it would be interesting to check out what Wikipedia had to say about Twitter. So, you can check it out right here.

I did not know the entire site is run on a software system called Ruby on Rails – Heavy brains are behind it. (Don’t feel bad if you if you never heard of the program but isn’t the name great?) If you ever have a need or desire to learn it do it online at Baby Boomer Software Training.

I would love to hear experiences from others. Does it really increase traffic back to your blogs?

SEO For Your Blog! From The Word Press Wizard Weekly

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) was the topic of the Word Press Weekly by Cathy Perkins last week. I am listening to it now by mp3 because I missed it. I am so excited about the meat she shared that I had to post about it on this site.

She gives you the information of changing your permalinks, making your titles keyword rich and doing alt tags in wordpress. NOW THAT IS GOOD STUFF! I actually understood what she was talking about without my eyes glazing over. Plus she is funny so it is entertaining. She says”It’s not good to fool mother Google” HA!

She is doing another session tomorrow for only 30 minutes. So, if you are able do yourself a a big favor and check it out. Here is the site.  


Claim Your Blog at Technorati

Technorati is one of those blogging directories that has been around a very long time. You may not be in the directory but talk about your blog may show up as a “blog reaction”. You may see Technorati as a source when you get a Google Alert on your blog name.

Note: if you do not have a Google Alert on your blog name stop reading this and go to Google. Type in Google Alert and set your blog name as an alert. This way you will know if mention has been made about your site in the world wide web.
I claimed this site a lonnnnng time ago but recently noted that it is showing as unclaimed so I am doing the quick claim by including the code in this post. I suspect that the unclaimed status is due to a change in my password from the standard Admin, Admin which leaves your site wide open for hacking   so be sure to change that password if you are on the WordPress plateform.