I Learned How to Create My First Blog After Using Video Tutorials

I took my time and learned how to create my first blog using this really cool service. I was frustrated trying to create a website. So, I tried my hand at blogging. I discovered a great site  that allowed me to learn from video tutorials.

I sat down for only a couple of sessions and learned how to do a blogger blog. Later, just last year, I learned how to work with WordPress.org. And because I still subscribed to the service I was able to go back and look at those videos.

So, if you want to grab a couple of free sessions go to Baby Boomer Software Training and check it out.

Also check out Baby Boomer Audio if you want to put sound on your sites.

What is a Photoblog? Pt. 1

Photoblogging means to post a digital photo on a blog. Many photobloggers post only photos without text. While others may post text and photos. Often photo albums may be attached to the photoblogs.

Some interesting resources I found include:

Photo Blog Magazine. There are, of course many, many more. I may post about them later.
It can be a lot of fun and I invite you to visit some of the ones I have listed below. There are a lot out there so if you know of some please let us know.


Do You Recall What a Type of Blog is Called a Blawg?

A BLAWG is a blog about legal topics and issues. I saw a great one today that was referenced by Debra Shiveley Welch. Best Selling Author of “Son of My Soul – The Adoption of Christopher,” “A Very Special Child – An Adoption Story” – co-author “Jesus Gandhi Oma Mae Adams”
The site is LLRX.

I am especially impressed with their librarian resources which include:

* Competitive Intelligence
* Government Resources
* Information Management
* Law Library Management
* Presentation Skills
* 9/11 News & Legal Resources
So go pay a visit. You can also submit relevant articles to the site.

Toolie’s Webinars: HTML with No Fear!

Hang out with us on Toolies, Free webinar series. They are only 30 mins. and you see everything  that she is talking about. She holds your hand and takes you step by step. So say hello on Wednesday, March, 5, 2008

You have a choice of times to attend:

12 Noon Pacific / 3 pm Eastern


5 pm Pacific / 8 pm Eastern