Teleseminar Series

Teleseminar series on blogging for boomers is being planned. What areas would you like to hear about? I will be interviewing folks on issues related to blogging and being a boomer who blogs. (Say that one 3 times real fast) There may be a guest interviewer, Blogging Betty Boomer on some of the shows. And of course Ray Horner will be doing some of the interviews and I will be interviewing him and so forth and so on.

So shout out your topic areas. Of course all of the teleseminars will be user-friendly. All terms will be defined to protect the innocent. 🙂

PS  Yes, I will interview you if you have some gems to share of interest to Baby Boomers and Blogging.

Use Colossus Search Engine


If you want to really expand your horizans and blogging experienceplus submit your blog to international search engines you want to visit and explore Colosuss.

This is what the about page on the site says:

Search Engine Colossus: International Directory of Search Engines can be looked upon as an effort to give the internet “structure”. This WWW roadmap allows surfers to efficiently gain access to the far reaches of the net!

It is hoped that visitors will have an informative, fascinating internet surfing experience as they gain better understanding of their fellow world citizens.

Search Engine Colossus first went online in April, 1998 and it now has about 3300 or so listings from 351 countries and territories around the world!

Note: For a “territory” to be listed, it must have an autonomous government, or officially be declared a “nation or republic”. Unrecognized countries are also listed. The point is to open up communication to other societies, not to erect barriers. The world is much more complicated a place than your basic 20th Century “Nation State” world view presented in atlases, the United Nations, or “March in of Athletes” at the Olympic Games.

Search Engine Colossus originates from Kamloops, British Columbia, Canada.

Contact: Bryan Strome
So, I am off to explore it now and hope you have fun also. I will see it as a virtual vacation.

Using the WordPress Plugin to Back Up Sites

I am using the WordPress plugin to back up the databases on my sites.

This will not back up my themes only the databases.

This plug in was recommended by The Word Press Wizard. Be sure to listen to her FREE weekly teleseminars. Wow! is all I can say.

She will also do an audit of your blog!!

It was also suggested by Heidi, a baby boomer Diva who knows WordPress very well. She is launching an effort to send cards to our service men and women in Iraq. 

Blog Talk 6- What is a Host?

A host is like an apartment building. Your website is one of the apartments in the building. Hence you pay rent to the apartment building.

Also, a host is like the host or hostess of a party. They provide the food, accommodations and all the right food to make your event a success. When you have any questions you always ask the host. The same is true with the host for your website. It should provide the services you need and quick, speedy access to help when you need it.

If you want information on some decent hosts that we use check out the Resource page.

A host is really a service that gives you space on the internet for your website to live.

How to Back Up Your WordPress Blogs

Backup instructions for the database of your WordPress Blogs can be found in the WordPress Codex. These instructions are really comprehensive. So, something good has come out of my problem with my blog. There is still more to learn because I do want to know why it happened.

Although I have deleted it and uploaded the site from my hard drive I am still getting the WordPress Install page . However, I am getting closer to the source of the problem. When I find out I will report it. Meanwhile, be sure to read the step-by-step instructions for backing up your database. I am going to study it.

What Do You Do When The Blog is Gone?

Blogs that get hacked or disappear because you did not back it up is gone. Yet, how do you deal with it emotionally and physically?

Sometimes you get so attached that a real grief sets in. The bottom line is I had not gotten attached, as I should have, to the blog I lost. I have not attempted to recreate it from the files on my harddrive. Yet, is it because I was thinking about taking it down anyway if I did not start paying attention to it?

What would happen if a favorite blog died?  What would you do? Get depressed? Give up? or Fight to get it back?

How is that for blog motivation?

Blogging Mistakes-Back up That Blog!

Blogging backup is critical. I lost one of my blogs last night because I did not back it up myself. Learn the following lessons from my mistake.

1. Even if your host does a back up -Use tools on the host to back it up yourself.

2. Do a periodic back up using a WordPress plug-in, ( If you are on WordPress)

3. Use other methods to do a backup.

4. Visit your blog often to check for hacking and other nasty dramas.

5. Ask for help and set up a blog back up schedule.

What am I missing? Any other suggestions?

Blogging Shortcut-Use ScribeFire

ScribeFire was downloaded a while ago to my browser. However, today I downloaded the update and wanted to share with you what they have to say about their service. It is listed below. Remember, you need to download FireFox. It is not a bad idea to have two browsers on your computer. When one acts silly you always have a backup. Of course Internet Explorer is the basic “must have”. When you check your statistics you will find that most folks visiting your blog use Internet Explorer.

ScribeFire is an extension for the Mozilla Firefox Web Browser that integrates with your browser to let you easily post to your blog: you can drag and drop formatted text from pages you are browsing, take notes, and post to your blog.

Blogging Mistakes-3 Common Ones

Blogging mistakes are so very common. I make blogging mistakes much too often. So I decided to share 3 common mistakes I sometimes make.

Mistake #1

Creating posts without links to the sites mentioned.

Mistake #2

Neglecting to check posts for spelling errors

Mistake #3

Neglecting to check links made in a post to ensure that they work.

Now, of course I make other mistakes. I will post them later. Do you have any you want to share?

PS I made a category for this one so be on the look out for more postings.

3 Reasons To Join Blog Catalog

Blog Catalog is a blog directory that has matured to a lean and must-be-seen-blogging machine. There are 3 solid reasons why I encourage you to join this active blog directory.

1. Great link traffic back to your site.

There are loads of opportunities to exchange links with other bloggers, get comments to your sites.

2. Send broadcasts, initiate and participate in discussions.

Once you establish friendships , join groups, neighborhoods, plus more. You can send broadcasts for everyone in your friend groups to read.

3. Blog Catalog constantly works on improving the directory.

Just like a blog, it is never static. There are always attempts to improve and they listen to all their members.

Now, of course, there are more than 3 reasons and if you are a member of Blog Catalog please share your reasons. And if you are not a member and you have a blog I encourage you to join.