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Do You Remember What Comment You Made On A Blog Last Month?, Last Week?, Last Hour?

If you want to search a history of your comments used under different usernames you can use a new site called Backtype. But this site does so much more. I have signed up and in the exploration stage. Join me. I also wrote a short review.

Did I hear someone out there say they do not make comments on blogs? I hope not. Because if you want more traffic to come to your sites, establish more online relationships and just let folks know what you have to say then Go Forth And Comment!

Have You Used Any Of The Video Sharing Sites Besides YouTubes?

Earlier I did a post about 15 Jaw Dropping Video Sharing Sites. Have you used any of them yet?

I am using six of them and making my way to the rest. So far, my experiance  with Daily Motion and Viddler is cool because of the auto streaming.

I am also impressed with the groups in Viddler. You can actually import your videos within a specific group. I was disappointed with a video that never, ever encoded in Daily Motion but they have made up for it by providing good features.

So let me know your insights.

Got My Sidebars Back And Feeling Better- 14 Lessons I learned

As you can see I got my sidebars back and feeling better. Lots of work still to be done to correct some code errors that Internet Explorer does not like.

I give special thanks to two awesome baby boomer blog doctors.Heidi Caswell of Connect Simply. Also Toolie of PC Power Tips.

Ok, let’s review my lessons that I learned.

1. When you cut and paste text from Microsoft Word please put it in Notepad to strip the funky code that comes with it. All the formating, etc.

Now, I know that. I teach that. But there are a few times in the super rush to nowhere I took foolish, I mean foolish chances. Not good. Do not do it.

2. Use the validation tool that is available at

Put your url in the space and it will bring up all the errors and warnings about your site. I wil be honest with you I found it exciting and frustrating at the same time. I am still reviewing it to see where there is code that needs correcting.

3. Check your theme. Sometimes there are errors with your theme so always have some back up themes to switch to see if the problem gets corrected.

4. Try deactivating your plugins if that resolves the problem then reactivate each plugin one at a time.

5.  Check all your widgets. Why? because sometimes there is some incorrect code hiding out. Well, code I placed there. I recalled that the last thing I did befere the my sidebars disappeared was to put code in a widget. I took it out but that did not solve the problem. It seems it was the tipping point for the breakdown of the site.

7. Ask for help.

8. Go to bed if you are tired, pray about it and go to sleep. Work on it fresh the next day.

9. If you know Html, check the code from all videos you put into your post. Some things were wrong with mine that needed correcting.

10. After you add a theme or plug in check it against the validator tool.

11. Check the forums to see if someone has had the same problem.

12. Ask your host to restore your site to where it was prior to the problem. My host took time and did this for me.

13. Don’t give up blogging.

14. Hug your husband or wife or somebody to make you feel better.

There will probably be more stuff to learn. But for now I am recording it here so I just won’t forget to remember.

Blog Has The Flu If You Are Viewing In Internet Explorer

This blog has the flu. If you are viewing it in Internet Explorer it is sick. It lost all sidebars. Until I can get the medicine it needs it will look this way. Theme changes did not work. There are an assortment of errors.

I am too tired and it is too late at night to take it to the doctor. So I am giving it two aspirin’s and going to bed.

Just wanted any new visitors to know. It will be up on it’s feet later. If you know how to fix the problem let me know.

Brand New Database For Baby Boomer Sites

Do you have a blog or regular website? If yes, consider increasing your visability by reading the great info below from Baby Boomer Knowledge Center.

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“Unlike other library or directory sites, Knowledge [ba²se]™ is not a collection of links posted on a web page,” said Martin Diano, publisher of the Baby Boomer [Knowledge Center]™, the creator and curator of Knowledge [ba²se]™. “Our mission is to connect baby boomers to information – no matter how specialized or specific – as quickly as possible. Knowledge [ba²se]™ allows users to combine Google’s search algorithm to create a customized experience?thus making access to boomer-specific information across the web easier for users.”
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I Did Not Lie-I Just Updated An Old Blog Post With New Information

I just made some additons to an old post about adding video to a site.Why, because I made an incorrect statement based on my current knowledge and experience at the time. I said you could not embed video into a site from Youtube.

Don’t think I did not try without some heartburn.

I searched and found out that you could not upload unless you upgrade.  And so far, was only able to use the embed code from Viddler. But guess what, I found out you can embed if you just disable the visual editor on your profile page.

But if I am talk geekie let me know and I will do a quick video to show you. Meanwhile, here is the updated post.

A Journalist Unplugged-Beverly Mahone’s Blog Birth Story

My very first blog post went “live” in cyberspace in August of 2006. I wrote a piece called “Marriage: The Second Time Around.” I had just returned from a fabulous honeymoon to St. Lucia with my new husband Nate. It was also a self-promotional effort for my newly released book, Whatever! A Baby Boomer’s Journey Into Middle Age.

Blogging, for me, has been a wonderful way for me to promote my books but it has also given me the opportunity to express myself on a wide variety of subjects. Since I am no longer working in the established media, I can now say what I want -without being offensive of course.

I have several blogs with different themes. My babyboomerbev blog focuses mainly on family-related issues. BoomerWorld is a collection of my thoughts as a member of the world’s largest generation. MenopauseMama allows me to keep it real when it comes to the issues related to menopause and other women’s health matters. Talk2Bev focuses more on media tips from an Insider’s point of view.

I love being a journalist unplugged and, believe me, I’ll never run out of things to write about.