What Does a Good Blog Post Look Like?-Heidi Caswell

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Does your blog post provide a good landscape picture?

Does your blog post provide a good landscape picture?

Many new bloggers often wonder “what makes a good blog post?” I have my personal views on the matter. So, I decided to share my observations of posts by professional and non- professional bloggers, in a new series.

I personally think that a good blog post is a lot like a landscape picture. It should have views of the sky, ground, mood, and activity in the picture and perspective that goes beyond the picture. Now that activity can be people, animals or things.

Yet, if you observe some good posts please share them so all of us can continue to be in an active learning mode. After all, isn’t that what baby boomers do so well?

To start the series I want to share a recent post by Heidi Caswell, one of my baby boomer blogging buddies. The post is called,  Blog Hopping for Jewels

Why I like this post

  • She used a great picture with a caption
  • She had a powerful use of metaphor which she carried throughout the entire post
  • She used text to link her url’s
  • She opened her links in new windows
  • The post made sense
  • She asked us to comment by sharing more posts
  • She shows activity providing excerpts  or personal views of the blogs (Jewels)

Did I leave anything out?

Google Goodies #7-What Time is it?

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There you are sitting at your computer at 1:19 pm in New York City. But oh my you need help resizing your picture. You decide at that moment to call your friend in Washington State  to help you while your brain cells are still alive. But then you stop and wonder will you be waking her up? You know how she gets if it is too early.

You don’t have a  fancy watch on your arm and you haven’t figured out all the features on your cell phone yet.  So you go to Google and type in  Time Washington State in the search box.

There it appears the exact time it is in Washington State  which is 10:19 am. You breath a sigh of relief because by then she has had at least 2 cups of coffee and ready for any question you may have.

Ah, another Google Goodie helps you to get the job done.

Are You Using Feedburner Email Opt-in on Your Sites?

Are you using Feedburner for your RSS email opt in form? I have it on several sites but tonight realized I did not have that opt-in on all my sites. So I am in process.

I like Feedburner because it provides an easy email optin form that helps folks get your feeds when  they are not sure how to do it with a reader.

Feedburner is powerful and I encourage you to spend time looking at all the cool features. Now, if you set up a Feedburner account a while ago and have not returned you need to go back. Feedburner was purchased by Google and you MUST have a Google account.

Ok, I am off to place a feed on at least one site before I go to bed.

PS, if you are reading this and plan to come back, pop that email into the sidebar. You will be asked to fill out that hard to read complex code to insure that you are not a robot.

How To Add An Opt-In For a Newsletter or Report to Your Facebook Profile

So you want to ask your friends to opt-in to your newsletter or special report? Well, there are applications on Facebook that can help.

I decided to share a short tutorial using one of the applications.

What You Will Need

You will need a program that generates the opt-in script. I strongly recommend Practice Pay Solutions or Aweber. Both will generate the code for you without being a programmer. Of course if you have a programmer in your back pocket you probably should not waste time reading this at all.

You will need make up your mind that you can do this and will do it before you shut off the computer!

Ok, let’s get started.

1.  Sign on to your Facebook  account

2.  Look to the bottom of your screen  on the left.

3.  Click on Applications

4. Click on Browse  More Applications


5.  Search for html profile box


6.  Select an application ( I am choosing Profile Box for this tutorial and in real life)


7.  Click Go to Application


8.  Paste the code you generated from Practice Pay or Aweber. You can erase the existing code

9.  Click on Add to Profile



10.  Choose where you want to add the Profile Box Application to your Profile. It can go on your Wall and Info Tab or Boxes Tab

I have choosen Wall and Info Tab



Share this free special report with all your non-blogging friends and family.


You do it and please let me know what you did.

Dailymotion Video Site Has a Blog!

Dailymotion is an awesome video hosting site that provides a unique way to share your videos online. Well tonight I discoverd that they have a blog. This site gives great updated information and tips for using their site. For example, if you want to go beyond the unprofessional to the creative professional video check out their Official Content Feature discussed on their blog.

Or, have you ever heard of a Video Wall?

So go and visit but only after you sign up and upload some videos.

How To Add Your Facebook Fan Page To Your Blog

Facebook makes it real simple to add your Facebook Fan page to your blog. After all your Facebook Fan page gives you an opportunity to showcase your business, niche, causes and other areas of interest. There just might be others that share the same interest or need your service.

I have presented the steps in screen shots below.

1. Sign into your Facebook Page and click on the Wall Tab then click on the fourth link on the left under your logo.

Promote Your Facebook Fan Page 12. Select the Facebook Page you want to promote by clicking on the drop down options. Also, complete the other options.

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