Have You Ever Asked a Question on Aardvark?

First what is an aardvark anyway? Here is a quick dictionary definition:

aard·vark (ärd-värk´), n. A burrowing mammal, Orycteropus afer, of southern Africa, having a stocky, hairy body, large ears, a long tubular snout, and powerful digging claws. [Obsolete Afrikaans, “earth-pig” : aarde, earth, from Dutch, from Middle Dutch aerde + vark, pig, from Middle Dutch varken.]

Now to the point of this post. Aardvark is a search engine.  I suppose it was named after the animal because this search engine lets ask a question and it “diggs” for the answers. It was developed by former workers at Google. And believe it or not Google just brought it! You can read all about the site right here. But come right back I have a few more things to share.

Now, I joined the site. You can also connect with your Facebook or Google profile.  They request that you provide 3 areas of expertise. How cool. I also asked a question about the value of a Eisenhower Proof coin, since I love coins these days.

I am supposed to get  an answer right away. Now, that seems really amazing so I am going to switch over to my email to see if someone has actually answered. Hold on a minute….

There is a note saying that they are looking for someone to provide the answer. Meantime there is real time posting of answers to questions and the specific areas. Wow, this is pretty cool. So, hop on over. This site will also give you great blog food!

Now don’t go to Aardvark.com that is an interesting site in Africa but not the search engine.  This search engine is found on Vark.com

Will Using HTML Emails Help or Hurt My Business? Free Webinar Has Answers!

A very good friend of mine , Toolie,is doing a  FREE webinar on Thursday night. the title is “

Will Using HTML Emails Help or Hurt My Business? Free Webinar Has Answers!

This is what she says:

HTML Emails (e-zines, newsletters, email broadcasts) can be a great way to showcase your business, especially for markets that care about a professional appearance in every aspect of the business. However, having an email template that doesn’t LOOK like YOUR business can be a drawback! With a little HTML and CSS knowledge, you can create an email template that delivers not only your message but also enhances your brand recognition.

She will cover:

On Thursday night February 25th at 6 pm Pacific, 9 pm Eastern time, she will look at exactly how you “Brand Your Emails with Custom Templates.” She will take you behind the scenes of those pre-fab email templates and show you how you can attach your colors and images so your customer list recognizes YOUR message among all their emails

Sign up here for the FREE webinar


She will cover the details of her I Can Fix My Own Website, coaching, training and membership program.

Sign up now for the webinar, please tell her that Rosie sent you. Hope to hear you on the call. I promise, really promise you will learn a lot!

And yes, if you are a blogger, the cool stuff you learn will be invaluable!

When Was the Last Time You Commented on a Baby Boomer Blog?

Repeat after me,


Bloggers know this fact but often time and life dramas slow us down. We may not visit other blogs or just barely have time to eat, sleep and put code into a blog widget. Yet, the ability to make a comment on a blog has connected many baby boomers to others in their area of expertise, opinion, political status, religious practice or  joint venture sales opportunities.

More baby boomers are blogging now than ever. However, there are still skeptics out there who believe we still don’t know how to even turn on a computer, forget about posting to a blog. So, my fellow baby boomer bloggers (and future baby boomers bloggers) in the memorable words of the Beatles, “Come Together”. As you listen to the song below remember that baby boomers have their own special language.

If you want to learn more about the power of blog comments just click on the link below
Commenting Strategy That Works! by Cathy Perkins

How Do You Delete Your WordPress.com Blog?

A very good boomer buddy asked me this question today, “Rosie, how do I delete my WordPress.com blog.?” Actually, she stumbled on this site she started a very long time ago and had forgotten all about it. Of course, my desire is for her to try and develop it with the idea behind why she started it in the first place. It can have several good practice points.

But in case there is someone else reading this that has an old WordPress.com blog hanging out there is cyberspace. This is what you do:

  • Sign into your dashbroad
  • Click on Settings in the Admin. Panel on the left
  • Click on the Delete Blog Option

But just remember, if you keep it you can always make it a private blog shut off from the search engines. You can choose the option to invite folks to view your posts. PLUS this is a good option if you were writing a book or collection of poems not ready for prime time. Think about it.

How Much Traffic Has Your Mouse Pad Seen? Blog Motivation Tip For Baby Boomers

How much traffic has your mouse pad seen? The more you blog the more traffic your mouse pad should see. So here is a blog motivation tip. Get seven (7) mouse pads all with different messages and images. Rotate them and stimulate your blogging. So, what do you think?

The mouse pad below is from European photographer Kim Anderson set the world on fire with his timeless and nostalgic photographs of young children in oversized adult clothing. Can you imagine the great traffic you could provide on a mat like this? PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS PAD IS STILL IN THE PLASTIC WITH THE COUPON INSIDE! I am posting it for sale on Ebay as soon as I finish this post.