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Help, I’ve Forgotten My WordPress Blog Password and Can’t Get Up!

Have you fallen down from blogging because you lost or forgot your password?

Well this is a quick tutorial to get you back on your blogging feet!.

1.     Go to the dashboard of your blog. Now there are several ways to do this and I did a short video for those of you who need a reminder.

Please note that this video is referring to a WordPress.com hosted site. But the same applies to a WordPress.org self hosted site. I do not, however, recommend that you have Meta options on your site if you are on a self hosted WordPress.org site.

3 Ways to Sign into Your WordPress.com Site SHORT VIDEO

2.    Yes, you can skip the video and just type in the name of your blog site. But this time add a forward slash and wp-admin.
The wp stands for WordPress and the admin means you are going into the administrative area. I like to call it behind the scenes. OR You can add /wp-login.php Personally I always use wp-admin

So this is what the url structure will look like:

If you are on a WordPress.com site it would be  http://www.myblogsite.wordpress.com/wp-admin

If you are self-hosting your site it would be http://www.myblogsite.com/wp-admin

3.   Now, you will see the following login waiting for your User Name and Password. But remember you have misplaced or forgotten it. So observe the read arrow pointing to the phrase Lost your password? Go ahead click on it.

Login for WordPress blogs

Login for WordPress blogs

4.     After you click on that link it will ask you to enter the user name (if you recall it). If you don’t  try to recall the email address you used when you first signed up to blog. Hint: If one email does not work try another. The system will send you a new password. Just go to your email and grab it.


You will actually receive two emails. The first will ask you to verify that you actually requested an email change. Why? Well anyone can use your user name or email, request a change and then go in and reset the password. YOUDON’T WANT THAT TO HAPPEN. So, if you get a message like that and you DID NOT request it. DO NOT VERIFY IT.

But since you have requested it right after reading this post VERIFY the first email. Then you will get an email with your new email.

Request for email or user name

Request for email or user name

6.   Now go in and key in your new password along with your user name.  If your browser is set to remember cookies(not the choc. Chip kind of cookies) you can select the option for the computer to remember your login details. However, there are times when you or someone else, may go into your browser options and choose to delete all cookies. Oops, your password is gone again. So I strongly suggest that you write it down in a special notebook just for your specific blog.

In the next post I will show you how to change your password inside your dashboard. Would that be helpful?

Meanwhile, get back on those blogging feet and start blogging!!!!