Press Release: Top Bloggers Named by Boomer Diva Nation Organization

Take a few minutes out of your busy day to read this special press release “Top Bloggers Named by Boomer Diva Nation Organization!

Also note that this press release site is free and a great tool for your blogging messages in 2011.  The service also allows you to place the embed code for the press release directly in the html of your blog. How cool!

So, once again, read the press release “Top Bloggers Named by Boomer Diva Nation and visit those great baby boomer blogs written by boomer divas!

A Boomer Blogger-Barbara Clark Blogs About Gratitude for 30 Days

I just found out that a baby boomer buddy blogger, Barbara Clark, blogged about gratitude for 30 Days! Just think about it. She had to think of things to be grateful for every day. What did that do for the negative thoughts that tried to crowd out the good stuff? What would it do for our minds?

As baby boomers there is soooo much that travels through our minds everyday that we are not happy about. Yet, when we take the nano moments to reflect on the good stuff it can work miracles.

Read Barbara’s posts. Then think about the simple things that we often overlook. Count our blessings and watch our moods change.

Barbara’s blog on gratitude

Do you have a single, simple topic you could create a blog on that can transform your mind?