7 Reasons for Blogging Baby Boomers To Join Facebook

I just joined and having fun exploring this awesome social marketing site. So for now I want to share some reasons that convinced me to join according to a recent report in Revenue magazine.

1. The fastest growing group is 25 and up!

Note: a 21 year old made reference to facebook as a place to locate someone when I emailed her. This made me curious about it and explored it further. I found a good number of baby boomer groups but they are small and we need more of a presence sharing our expertise and fun. 

2.Facebook is the sith-most trafficked site in the US.

3. The site is the No.1 photo-sharing app on the web

Note: Know what you can do with those pictures from your last trip? 

3.Canada, with about 3 million users, has the most users outside of the US (Revenue-10/07)

4. More  than 1,800 applications have been built on the Facebook platform.

5. The UK has the third-largest membership, with about 2 million.

6.Facebook has more than 31 million active users.

7. Facebook is waiting for more boomers to strut their stuff, their business and their blogs.

That is all for now if you have some experience you can share I would love to hear from you. Meanwhile we are exploring. Ray is looking at the photo and art groups, etc. I am looking at boomers and will also look at presentation skills and marketing stuff.


3 thoughts on “7 Reasons for Blogging Baby Boomers To Join Facebook

  1. A boomer group of facebook would interest me.
    I’m collecting stories and anecdotes about growing up as a baby boomer. I believe it’s most important that boomer memories are collated and made available for sharing with others from all generations and cultures. Boomers have experienced such massive change and witnessed some stunning historical events, but we want the day-to-day stories, too.

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