7 Reasons To Do Audio Interviews On Your Blog

7 Reasons to do Audio Interviews on Your Blog
Why should you bother with doing an audio interview on your blog? That’s a good question and I am glad you asked. I am currently doing audio interviews on one of my blogs and I have a couple of reasons why I think every blogger should consider doing it also.
1. Audio interviews on your blog provide an exciting transition from the routine text postings.
Many blogs create a title and write a short or long article. That is the traditional model. But occasionally conducting audio interviews provides something fresh and new for your readers.
2. Audio interviews on your blog are a win-win for the interviewer and the interviewee.
As the blogging interviewer you can post content that your interviewee may send traffic to your site for others to hear. At the same time the interviewee can get more publicity that will help them to promote their products and services.
3. Audio interviews on your blog encourage link exchanges.
If you interview someone who has a blog or static website they will often link to your blog. You also will provide a link to their blog in your post or blog roll.
4. Audio interviews on your blog can make you smarter.
Before you conduct your interview you will do some amount of research about the person you are interviewing? This will mean a review of their website, services and products. After the completion of your interview you must honestly ask yourself how much did you know about their topic before your interview? The answer will usually surprise you.
5. Audio interviews on your blog can be done with anyone regardless of their time zone
It will take just a little planning to coordinate the time zone changes and make it convenient for both you and your interviewee. But once the time issue is done you can comfortably sit at your computer or desk and interview your guests in your bedroom slippers or with a fresh cup of coffee or tea.
6. Audio interviews on your blog can be posted on audio podcast directories.
That’s right if you convert your audio into a podcast url you can submit it to many of the free podcast directories. I did it! You can do it too. If you use the right audio publisher you can place the podcast button on your other blogs.
7. Audio interviews on your blog are a lot of fun!
You get a chance to have fun while you learn more about your guest and the things they do. You can have opportunities to laugh even if the topic is a very serious one. Plus, you can relax and be yourself. I invite you to listen to some of the audio interviews I have on my site. Rosies Boomer Review.

If you want an easy way to try it for 30 days use a site I am having lots of fun with called Audio Acrobat.

If you try it and like it let me know. They also have great training teleseminars at no cost on audio and podcasts.

Have Fun!


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