7 Things to do Before You MOVE Your Website to Your New Blog Home-Part 2

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Review the plan you have made for your site. Hopefully, you laid out the plan with the items included in the Free Blog Planning Form.Remember you cannot move your furniture(your static site) into your new home until this step is done.

The review will include  include the different categories, sections, pages, and overall layout that you have in mind. Knowing how many pieces of your blog are involved will help you make a better decision when narrowing down the right theme.

Paint the Walls of Your New  Blog Home-Choose a Theme (WordPress)

  • Pick your colors before you search through a lot of themes waiting until a color jumps out at you. Decide on the colors you want.  Are the colors related to your brand? Are you planning to have a lot of images that can get lost in the loudness of your color selection?
  • Decide if you want one, two or three columns on your blog. This will define the room you have to layout your furniture.
  • As you look at previews of themes within WordPress or on premium sites, pretend you are a visitor. How easy will the theme be to get around. Think about it if you have clients coming that have special needs can you meet them? Is it usable for your target market? For example, as a baby boomer I like themes with large fonts.
  • Look very closely at the header design. Can you change it if needed? Does it work with your logo? Is it overbearing?
  • Test your theme in Internet Explorer first. Most folks use this browser. But also test it in Firefox, Safari and other browsers. Be sure it does not act stupid.
  • I always have more than one theme as a backup in case there is a problem.
  • Now invite some friends over and have a paint party. You pay for the pizza!

Did I leave out anything?

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