7 Ways To Put The “B” Back In Your Blogging-Part 6

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Be An Encourager

Remember how it felt when someone made a comment to your blog? Of course they may not have agreed with you but they still took the time to comment and it wasn’t spam.

Well you can be a blogger that encourages another blogger by taking the time to make a comment. How can you do that?

  • Read the blog post and give a relevant comment
  • Try not to sound like a spammer by saying thinks like “nice blog” or “go to http…to increase traffic to your blog…”
  • Be honest and affirming
  • If you disagree don’t cuss, fuss or make a mess of your own character
  • Ask a question or provide additional information that can stimulate a continuing discussion with other bloggers.

Do you have other suggestions?

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2 thoughts on “7 Ways To Put The “B” Back In Your Blogging-Part 6

  1. I mention the poster’s name in the comment. It might seem like something small, but it makes you feel better when someone is acknowledging you by name.

    Also, when visiting someone who visited me, I’m sure to thank them for the visit and to say “You’re welcome back anytime, I know I’ll be visiting you”

    I make sure I add them to my reader and hold true on this.

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